This “savior” talk has got to stop

Bill Clinton purports to be a Christian…he’s a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, anyway…so it seems to me he should be appalled to see these recurring – and really, SICK – headlines constantly referring to him as “savior.”

Bill Clinton as World Savior.

Bill Clinton, Savior of the World.

But perhaps “savior” is precisely the word Clinton likes. Perhaps these two reporters didn’t get the memo:

Bill Clinton’s Plan for World Domination doesn’t sound anywhere as optimistic as his saviorhood, does it?

And Bill Clinton’s Third Inaugural just sounds too nakedly ambitous, don’t you think?

A few weeks ago, I was speculating, lazily, about Sandy Berger and where his theft of top-secret documents (and his subsequently light sentence) was leading…what dots should connect to what dots.

Today Bill Clinton seems to have no problem at all with people calling him “the savior of the world…” a title that belongs to Jesus the Christ, and none other.

Meanwhile, an American president is preparing to make a statement in a crater of a city – standing literally, below the sea – and he is being called all manner of evil things.

If the world does not seem particularly upside down to you, yet…well…either you’re not paying attention, or I’m paying way too much!

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