This “savior” talk has got to stop

Bill Clinton purports to be a Christian…he’s a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, anyway…so it seems to me he should be appalled to see these recurring – and really, SICK – headlines constantly referring to him as “savior.”

Bill Clinton as World Savior.

Bill Clinton, Savior of the World.

But perhaps “savior” is precisely the word Clinton likes. Perhaps these two reporters didn’t get the memo:

Bill Clinton’s Plan for World Domination doesn’t sound anywhere as optimistic as his saviorhood, does it?

And Bill Clinton’s Third Inaugural just sounds too nakedly ambitous, don’t you think?

A few weeks ago, I was speculating, lazily, about Sandy Berger and where his theft of top-secret documents (and his subsequently light sentence) was leading…what dots should connect to what dots.

Today Bill Clinton seems to have no problem at all with people calling him “the savior of the world…” a title that belongs to Jesus the Christ, and none other.

Meanwhile, an American president is preparing to make a statement in a crater of a city – standing literally, below the sea – and he is being called all manner of evil things.

If the world does not seem particularly upside down to you, yet…well…either you’re not paying attention, or I’m paying way too much!

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  • SigmundCarlandAlfred

    The world is indeed upside down. Bill Clinton’s playing at saviour has no real consequence. He can afford to fail and be ‘forgiven.’

    Mr Bush, on the other hand, is being put into an impossible position. He cannot satisfy everyone- and there are those that are just waiting to criticize everything and anything he does- no matter that it is good for the big picture, or within the boundries of our capabilities or budget.

    Saviours on this earth about serving communities as a whole- not about meeting the needs, however arcane, of every single individual.

    Soon we will see and hear the media imply that the loss of old family photos is the fault of the White House, too, and other such nonsense- and we will be told that somehow, Mr Bush’s presidency has been tarnished.

    You are right. The world is indeed upside down.

  • Jeanette

    We are living in Alice’s Wonderland. Calling Clinton a savior seems to be blasphemy to me; ascribing characteristics to a man that belong to God, and if Clinton is OK with that what does that make him? The false prophet?

  • Larwyn

    You must think Machiavelli reincarnates;
    Karl, Dick, Donald and even
    Condi(remember Smiley). When all the
    horrors come out and slam Clinton and his cuckhold, the Bushes 41 & 43 will
    be golden.

    These people know that the more you let the Lefties and their minions build up these slime and back their loony rants and brays (Robert Reich, a good example, is on CSPAN2 right now testifying at Roberts
    hearing), the more effective the slap down is.

    More and more rope. Hey, where is Richard Clarke, Joe Wilson (at Fake hearings on Fake news) Nancy Soderberg
    (Ha Ha) and JAMES LEE WITT – AWOL from
    TV as of 9/6.

    The “savior” really stood up for human
    rights at the internet conference in
    China, didn’t he?

    All this cannot hit the fan long before
    elections. Americans forget and Left
    Stream media will make full effort to
    rehabilitate. See Rep. William Jefferson on Larry King and MSNBC last
    night. Noooooo, be patient.

    “Those the Gods would destroy, they
    first …… “savior”

    I think Machiavelli is hardily chuckling
    right now – with more to come.

  • MaxedOutMama

    Isn’t it terribly odd that the media creates these headlines though?

    It makes me wonder what they are thinking. Why the use of this very religious language for a secular figure?

    I wonder what C. S. Lewis would say.

  • Truthseeker

    ~A., I thought of this while reading your post:
    ~2Ti 3:12 Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.
    13 But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.(NKJV)

    ~You have mentioned more than once since John Paul II died that changes are coming and I believe you are right. That so many can believe all the lies and deceptions we are seeing in the MSM and the MSM can usurp religious terms to build a religion on a mere man is quite in line with verse 13 above and the changes you have sensed. Bush, on the otherhand, has to deal with verse 12.
    ~I am not saying that Bush is or is not godly, only that he lives by his own faith and his detractors use it against him because it interferes with their agenda of a secular religion.
    ~The world is truly upside down. Anti-Christian elements are using Christian idioms to construct its own religion. They desire a god of their own making; seems that this has been tried before!?

  • Anne B

    Mark Shea had the best comment:

    “You alone are the horny one. You alone are the Lout. You alone are the Most High, Bill Clinton, with the Spirit of the Age, in the glory of Me, Myself and I. Amen.”

  • Mr.Atos

    The MSM brandishing Bill Clinton’s name in such manner is similar to juveniles spreading feces on themselves for attention. They know it stinks unbearable, but are obsessed with watching decent people cringe and heave.

  • http://none Darrell

    If Bill gets a third, he’ll need immediate Secret Service protection–from Hillary! Maybe that explains all those Banshee “hearings”…

  • newton

    So, Bill is the Savior of the World…

    While The Real Thing suffers persecution, torture and even death with each Christian that is scroned, humiliated, cursed, persecuted and killed in this world.

    Don’t be surprised by it. One guy at college carried in his backpack a message – “Dear God, Please Save Us From Your Followers!”

    And a T-shirt seen in California – “So Many Christians, So Few Lions.”

    Did I say that persecution is coming?

  • Victoria

    In my Friday blogpost, I argue that all is not gloomy this week for the Prez.

    “Why This Week Was Good for Bush”

    Basically, in so overplaying their hand, MSM have forced the President to look…well…presidential.

    And never more than tonight’s address in front of Jackson Square in NOLA.

    What a masterstroke to have him there in that, as you put it, crater of a city, in his blue shirtsleeves (cue, blue-collar spirit), so evocative of him in that short beige jacket in the ruins of 9/11.

    President Clinton just can’t compete with that kind of searing image.


  • Lyle

    If the world does not seem particularly upside down to you, yet…well…either you’re not paying attention, or I’m paying way too much!
    You’re paying way too much. :-)

  • karen

    No, A. Lyle’s wrong because what you feel and see are w/eyes and ears of a different kind than what he’s implying.
    I’ve been feeling up-side down ever since watching Terri starved and thirsted to death. Nothing seems right anymore, somehow. Now, the Pledge is unconstitutional- due to the mention of God. Secularlism at it’s greatest.
    I really think what the Liberals, not including Lyle (because he hates labels and *Liberal* in particularlly) need is a taste of the poison they so badly crave. I say they DESERVE Hillary. They need the Queen to follow and outwardly worship and fawn over.
    If I could, I would vote for her. Something I love more than backward justice kicks in and prevents me from doing so. Values of the original definition, not the Democrats’ version via Deanieboy.
    Spud, I hear Dexter is going to vote for euthanasia… surprise, surprise. Must be his pro-life self-profession is accurate… first, yea abortion rights and nixing parental-notification; now pro-euthanasia. That’s a real pro-life voting record, eh?
    Must be I’m paying way too much attention, also. Hhhmmmm.

  • singleton

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    is what I trackbacked, and I got b33
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  • Victoria

    Is the Anchoress okay, anyone know?

    I’ve checked back blogposts, and don’t see anything recent about taking time off, etc.

    Just the concern of a faithful reader is all. :)


  • JMC

    Something a priest once said, based on the eighth Beatitude: In many cases, if the world cheers someone, you probably need to look out; if the world hates him, you may want to look more closely.

    I read all those Clinton articles, including the ones about a “third inaugural,” etc. So, is he planning to run again, or what? Look for him to sell us out again if he does…

  • karen

    He can’t run again, can he? Isn’t it two terms only, or only consecutively? Wouldn’t it be cool to see the Billary beast beat on itself. Publically? Interesting. Or maybe he’d be her VP choice.
    Victoria, I don’t know, but I hope all is well and she’s taking a breather. Maybe we’ll know tomorrow?
    Cheers back attcha :)!!

  • Larwyn

    ““Those the Gods would destroy, they
    first …… “savior”


    Warning given 2 weeks before – terror attacks in Yemen!

    FOX NEWS REPORTS – 9/17/05 ~4:29 pm

    Three will testify that they gave warnings regarding upcoming attacks in
    Yemen, 2 weeks before attack.

    Sandy Berger pants become more and more interesting. Ugh!

    Posted by: larwyn at September 17, 2005 03:55 PM

    Click here: Captain’s Quarters
    September 17, 2005
    Able Danger: Closed Hearings?
    AJ Strata notes that the Senate Judiciary Committee has come under pressure from the Pentagon to close its Able Danger hearings to the public, just when it has finally acknowledged finding three additional witnesses that corroborate the identification of Mohammed Atta and three other 9/11 hijackers over a year before the attacks. Why would the Pentagon want the hearings closed? Curt Weldon apparently knows one reason:

    Witnesses from the Pentagon are expected to testify at that hearing; that’s why they want it classified. FOX News has learned that committee Chairman Arlen Specter’s office is vigorously resisting the request. Some former Able Danger analysts and Rep. Curt Weldon (search) say the formerly clandestine intelligence unit identified Mohammed Atta (search) and three other of the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers one year before the attacks that left over 3,000 people dead. They also claim that their repeated requests to turn over the information to the FBI were ignored.

    Weldon said a former Army officer will testify next week that he was also ordered to destroy data that included reference to Atta.

    “In the summer of 2000, he was ordered and, or, he would go to jail if he didn’t comply,” the Pennsylvania Republican said. “He was ordered to destroy 2.5 terabytes of data specific to Able Danger, the Brooklyn [terror] cell and Mohammad Atta. He will name the person who ordered him to destroy that material.”

    Other witnesses will include an FBI agent who will testify that she set up three meetings in 2000 between the FBI’s Washington field office and the Able Danger, but each was cancelled at the last minute, Weldon said.

  • Evon

    I think members of MSM use the term in reference to Bill Clinton to trivialize the term “Savior,” which they know is precious to the serious Christians they despise. Slightly OT, Bill Clinton is a narcissist and to me uses God as a tool to make himself look better. I often can tell when someone is lying. I couldn’t tell with Bill Clinton. Then it came to me, the only operative principle he uses to evaluate what he says is if it makes him look good or, at least, not as bad. Therefore “truth” or “falsehood” are not of concern to him or his conscience.

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