In the Mail Today…

The Right to be Wrong by Kevin Seamus Hasson, published by Encounter Books. The back cover has enthusiastic blurbs from Michael Novak, Mary Ann Glendon, Rev. John Neuhaus and Rabbi Alan Mittleman – so I’m looking forward to it and will let you know what I think in a few days.

Also…from a friend who always sends me my Christmas gift ‘way early, because it’s always Christmas music to “get in the mood” comes this which I am so far loving, not least because it contains the great Bryn Terfel (whose vocals ravish me) singing “But Who Shall Abide the Day of his Coming,” which Buster is considering doing for his big project, this year.

I’ve thrown them both (along with Julie’s prayer shawl book) into the Bookshelf in the sidebar for your perusal, along with some new entries – the children’s books I suggested last month didn’t go over too well! Ah, me! This month, with Christmas in mind, I have added Bright Evening Star by Madelaine L’Engle, as a book on the Incarnation seems promising for Advent. And The Cube and the Cathedral because while I haven’t read it yet, I want to.

I have also added James Lileks’ new book, Mommy Knows Worst which looks like it could be a great Christmas gift, and you know if its Lileks, it’s got to be great.

Also new, Michelle Malkin’s latest and another political book I read a portion of and found pretty amusing, and Daniel Hurley’s Facing Pain, Finding Hope which I have just finished and recommend. I’ll be writing a fuller review later today.

I also included, since crocheting and knitting seem to be the theme or something, today, this learn to crochet kit, which I bought for a niece, and this learn to knit kit…which I may ask Santa for, myself!

As ever, any revenue generated via purchases from The Bookshelf are donated to Calvary Hospital, which hospice took such splendid care of my brother in his last days.

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  • Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

    “Learn to crochet”? Say it isn’t so- that is usually followed up with pet blogging.

  • Ellen

    I love to crochet, and have been rediscovering knitting. Crochet is faster and I think it’s more versatile. With winten coming up and heating bills getting high, I think I’ll crochet myself a shawl for those cold days and nights.

  • Julie D.

    I LOVED this book. Just finished it and am working on a review. LOVED it! :-)

  • joeh

    While reading the reviews on “Mother Knows Worst” I couldn’t help but wonder what those 50 years from now will think about current advice given to parents and our society in general. We are already seeing a backpedaling from the teaching of self esteem no matter how the child is performing.
    I also wonder where we will be on the issue of abortion and if our society then will look back with wonder on the murder of so many innocent babies.