Everyone knew Val!

Go to AJ Strata’s place and just keep scrolling down…so many folks knew Valerie Plame was at the CIA. And so many seem to know that Joey Wilson is the one who said it first.

My own personal recollection is hearing Andrea Mitchell tell – I think it was Matthews – that “everyone” in DC knew Valerie Plame was with the CIA.

I hate to criticise a Regian, but how could Fitzgerald have missed all these folks?

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  • http://sigcarlfred.blogspot.com/ Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

    I too, recall Andrea mitchell making those remarks.

  • fschmieg

    I don’t think Fitzgerald really investigated Plame’s cover at all. When you have agents interviewing neighbors 2 days before he reports his results, that is not a good sign. Why he wouldn’t do it seems strange to me unless he narrowly focused on the purported “leak”, investigated only white house and administration people regarding that only and went in with a presumption of guilt that someone there did the leaking. I don’t like to believe he acted that way but I have an uncomfortable feeling that he may have done just that.

  • joeh

    I predict that the list of statements from reporters all over Washington that will say it was common knowledge will be long. I would not be surprised to even see folks who talked with Russert say that they told him she was with CIA before Libby conversation. Those in the MSM seem to keep forgetting in the age of computers, internet, and bloggers that they will be called on the carpet with their lies. I bet Scooter is not worried about this at all and will be found innocent unless he gets a stacked jury which his lawyer should prevent.
    But more than this, I want them to find the CIA leaker who gave info on the prisons to the Washington Post that will impact our security and relationships with partners in the war on crime. I do not know why the Republicans are not setting up a special investigation since it seems the Dems are so worried about our security in the PLAMEgame affair.

  • http://none Darrell

    Hard to know what Fitz looked at. He did make a reference to her neighbors not knowing(contradicting what I read before in the heritage media), but he could say this was all irrelevant. Not many prosecutors want to end an investigation of this length without some indictments.

    I do enjoy all of the columnists that said that the indictments are somehow a vindication of Wilson. Talk about throwing away any credibility you have left. And what a coincidence! The same week the Dems start the 2004 Presidential Campaign all over again! “Bush Lied!” What are the odds?

  • AJ Strata


    Thanks for all the links, support and emails! We celebrated 100K visitors yesterday and you were instrumental in that milestone.

    It is truly an honor to post with you.


  • newton

    Anchoress, did you see that report on Fox News with Brit Hume which said that Wilson had told a former general about his CIA wife several times? Check here.

    I’m telling you, Wilson is a very dishonest man. I have suspected it for a long time, and now I wonder…

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