A round-up of Narnia Reviews

UPDATE: My own review is here.

I’m not much for epic pictures, but some of these reviews are making me really curious to see this movie.

I’m especially taken with this review out of San Francisco and the mighty Stephen Hunter (hands down the best film reviewer in the land, IMHO) gives it a a rave in the WaPo.

Cathy Siepp at NRO has typically bright thoughts on both the film and some of its critics.

Clive Davis has a lively round-up. And The Donegal Express has what they call “a few choice words” for Polly Toynbee…you must read it.

Let me know how y’all who get to see the film right away like it! :-)

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  • newton

    Anchoress, I have a review of the film. FYI.

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    OK — It is better than I could have honestly ever hoped for, considering Hollywood today and remembering my major disappointment with the Exorcism of Emily Rose, but it was not as good as it could have been. It really needed another 30 minutes to set up some of the story, e.g. Edmund’s first encounter with the Witch is much too short. And, although it is something of a children’s story (although not entirely), it could have been a bit more darker, ominous, and intense. The Witch is evil, but she is not EVIL, and there is no palpable tension to be experienced. I don’t know, maybe we were just spoiled with the intensity and realism of movies like Lord of the Rings and the Passion. However, Lucy the Valiant is fantastic, certainly better that the BBC film version. I give the movie a solid four stars (out of five).