Limbaugh wins one and it’s only right

I cannot believe the Florida prosecutors are still attempting their fishing expedition…okay, I can believe it – the Dems want him off the air by 2007 at the latest, but today a judge ruled – quite correctly, I think – in favor of Doctor/Patient Confidentiality.

It seems strange to me that any liberal would support what the prosecutor is trying to do – impose himself on a Doctor/Patient relationship without charges, without good cause – simply on a fishing trip. No sensible person can think this is a good precedent to set.

Until someone is charged with something, no one should be able to access his medical records. And the judge essentially said that.

I seem to recall that President Clinton never released his medical records. Those same people who are now advocating the opening of Limbaugh’s records didn’t seem to have a problem with the American people not having access to the President’s records. I’m getting sick of the double standards. If the press and the establishment loves ya, you can withhold anything, but if they hates ya, you are not entitled to privacy.


Thomas Lifson has more here.

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