Unserious left has become clownish

Unserious left has become clownish December 14, 2005

I mean, what else can you say but “clownish” when you hear The Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel saying utterly outrageous and over-the-top stuff like this:

“Don’t forget that there was an instance just about a year ago when Donald Rumsfeld did not travel to Germany because the German prosecutor had opened an investigation into the allegations of torture as war crimes. That was dropped [and] Donald Rumsfeld proceded to travel but I think we may face [charges] again if there is a democratic administration [and] there is some accountability in our democratic system. We have some Pinochets at the head of our government and we should not be proud of that”.

Hear the audiotape at BareKnuckled Politics – even NPR hostess Diane Rehm’s jaw seems to crash to the floor on that one.

Then of course, if you have not seen it, there is the two-page shot in Vanity Fair of Cindy Sheehan lying on her son’s headstoneless grave.
Perhaps Mrs. Sheehan believes she is honoring her son in this way, (or in this way) but I wonder if she has considered what her actions are doing to the moral of the troops, or how much our enemies enjoy it. It’s hard for me to believe that her son, Casey, who had re-enlisted and apparently believed in the mission, would appreciate this. It’s hard for me to believe that mothers of lost soldiers appreciate it.

I’m sure the Iraqis testifying against Saddam Hussein and voting appreciate Casey Sheehan’s sacrifice, though. I believe this woman does., too. I believe that a world in which Middle Eastern nations, taking their cue from successful elections in Iraq and Afghanistan, move toward Democracy rather than terrorism as a means of movement will be profoundly grateful to Casey Sheehan, as well. Bless him and all of our troops.

This gentleman, who grew up in Communism and now lives in the UK certainly, seriously appreciates it. He is serious, because he understands that victimhood is not a serious mindset.

The NY Times appears to be equally unserious, or else very serious in trying to discredit the Iraqi election – a story which Confederate Yankee says is all wet.

The profoundly unserious press redeems itself a little by waking up (really late in the game) to the seriously dishonest Jimmy Massey whom the AP and others quoted credibly, and repeatedly. Now, damage done, there is this:

The Associated Press quoted Massey five times between May 2004 and October 2005 _ four times directly, and once citing a CBC report in which Massey said his unit had committed “cold-blooded, calculated murder.”

In each case, Massey alleged his platoon had killed innocent civilians or committed atrocities against Iraqis. Two of the five stories included Marine Corps denials of Massey’s allegations.

“Clearly our stories should have included the firsthand observations of our own embedded reporter,” said AP Managing Editor Mike Silverman.

You think? Will the AP and others run repeated articles debunking their first enthusiastic reports on the words from the liars mouth? I ain’t holdin’ my breath. As Betsy notes, they seem all too consumed with doing what it takes to effect the painless coup they are committed to, even unto pettiness!

Two Minute Offense has more on the unseriousness of the press.

In other unseriousness I think it’s important that Brian Williams understand that when a Christian keeps a crucifix in sight, hanging on a wall, or such, it’s not being used as a talisman. I mean, this is pretty freaking basic stuff, and no serious, respectful person would use that word regarding a crucifix. One MIGHT find it interesting that a Protestant has one, and even inquire about it, but to suggest a superstition and a “talisman,” that’s not good work. It is not serious.

And so, for all of our unserious friends on the left, let me link you to Dr. Sanity’s seriously fun song parody – I’ll give you a two verse taste and you can go read the rest!


(Sung to the tune of “Getting Better” by the Beatles)

It’s fun to get mad at the Prez
And trash everything that he says
He’s holding us down, making us frown
We’d rather have Hugo Chavez!

We’ll never admit it’s getting better
Here at home or in Iraq
We’ll never admit it’s getting better
Until we get the White House back.

We used to be happy, you see
But now we’re the knights who say NIE
Iraq gets to vote
But we really hope
That noone pretends they are free.


It doesn’t follow, of course, that everyone on the right IS serious. Lindsay Graham, an increasingly odd fellow, suggests that the US is not a sovereign nation. He hasn’t been right since he went to Iceland with Hillary and McCain, though. Oh. Bill was there, too.

Anyone thinking maybe McCain will run as a third party candidate in ’08, so that Hillary can win and he can finally be SecDef? Nah. Not serious. :-)

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