In praise of ferocity and arrogance

Matteo has a great read at Cartago Delenda Est, on the subject of intelligent design, and the superiority of science-unrestricted-by-religion.

Basically he reprints parts of an essay In praise of Godless science and then encourages the author to go forward with what Matteo calls an “amazing piece of projection.”

On Intelligent Design, I say only that there should be room for both theories to be explored in a classroom, and that Darwinism should be taught as unproved theory, not fact. Beyond that, I don’t much care…but this is interesting reading.

UPDATE: Vanderleun is also writing on this topic, today and includes a fun graphic!

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  • Konwakeri

    I honestly don’t understand why this is even a debate. During my first class in evolution, (elementary school)I was thinking what a marvelous plan God had made. To me, it made Him seem even more omnipotent that instead of simply placing everything here, like populating a dollhouse, he fashioned it all to develop the way it has.
    Throughout an advanced degree in “hard” science, I was constantly further awed the infinate scale, from quarks to galaxies, and complexity of the mechanics of His creation.
    And to think He gave us the capacity for music, literature and art as well

  • Matteo

    Thanks, Anchoress. It’s always fun to be browsing a favorite blog and get that jolt from seeing a close-to-home link!