Google/Current casts a jaundiced eye at Malkin

While it’s still running you might want to check it out.

Google, in association with Al Gore’s Current broadcast, seems to go out of its way to make sure everyone takes a notion away from the piece that Michelle is eyebrow-raisingly extreme and “ridiculous.” And there is a vaguely insinuation that the blogosphere is hypocritical.

Also in the piece is Andrew Sullivan’s shrewd observation that the press seems more interested in being moral arbiter than a disseminators of information:

“…it’s up to places like Wikipedia or the blogosphere to disseminate actual facts, images and informed opinions. Obviously, I don’t see the need to publish everything. And editorial judgment counts. But we are approaching a time when the MSM may have that as precisely its role – not as a source of informaton, but as an arbiter of social etiquette and good judgment. The NYT as Miss Manners.”

Oh, heavens! IMAGINE that!

Google/Current does seem to go beyond mere “reporting” on Michelle. It seems to jump into a puddle of “ain’t she awful,” with both feet.

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  • The Curt Jester

    Though concidering that Google decided to act as official censor for China, it is no suprise that they would go after such a firm advocate of freedom of the press.

    The problem with “Do no evil” is that it first requires you to actually know what evil is.

  • maureenmartin


    I never knew Google had a news segment like that until I saw it on Michelle’s blog today. It reminded me a bit of MTV News (not a compliment.) Oh, but at least Michelle can sleep well at night now, knowing that the Google News staff thinks she’s pretty. That’s what’s really important to any woman of intelligence, right?


  • http://none Darrell

    Google has been playing games in a lot of areas for the last couple of years. I believe they are ordering the search lists giving preferential treatment to left-of-center hits. Ever notice how many right-of-center citations are back in the latter pages even though they are more recent?

    I guess we will have to live with this sort of thing as long as politics exists. Everybody can’t resist the urge to play little games. Maybe we need a “fair and balanced” alternative to Google? Scholarship should be free of all bias.

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  • Sigmund Carl and Alfred

    I said in my post that when it is all said and done, Michelle Malkin will be remembered as having made a diffence. Her critics will not even be a footnote in the historical record.

    As for Google, their posturing re Malkin won’t be what they are remembered for.

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