Ann Coulter makes us blush, again

I’ve never been much of a fan of Ann Coulter’s. She’s not my cuppa. I’ve always found her to be just “over the top” so much so that her brashness would too often undercut her own point. Smart? Yes. But that never translated into “credible”, for me, simply because in order to have credibility you need to be able to make your point without going overboard – without resorting to calling people “ragheads” or “wingnuts” or whatever. There are folks on both sides of the aisle who take their valid comments and utterly debase them with that sort of unnecessary talk.

It seems that Coulter really stepped in it, yesterday and she is being appropriately and rightly taken to the woodshed by bloggers on the right. Whether Coulter will have enough grace to admit she blew it and to apologize for her excesses – well, that will be interesting to see. In the meantime there are some on the left who are demanding that those on the right admonish Coulter…which seems to me to be precisely what rightwing bloggers were doing, almost immediately, without needing prompting from folks on the left, thanks very much.

As Michelle Malkin correctly notes – Rightwing blogs tend to insist on better behavior from conservatives who put their feet in their mouths. I see a number of blogs immediately went after Coulter – as they should have. They did not make excuses for disgusting racist “jokes”. This is one of those times when maybe the eternal moralists on the left might want to take a look at their own house and how they react to its messes.

Or better yet, as Michelle suggests, let’s keep our eyes on the really important stuff.

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  • CarolH

    I actually read Ann Coulter for her ‘bite.” I find her humorous. I buy her books. And, I laugh. And, learn. She had the guts to take on the circus that was made of Joseph McCarthy; an unfortunate nut that stood tall to the commies. While truman and company got away with bullying on a much worse level. Buying into the UN and Stalemate. And, it took Americans all the way to 9/11 to catch onto the lazy behaviors we had, while we allowed the MSM to grow and influence us all.

    Now that was a mistake!

    Ann, however, has her own style. And, you can insist she change. She won’t. And, most of the extremists on the right leave me cold. Go figa.

  • ForNow

    Ann’s been bouncing a little bit hard on the tree branch lately.

  • http://none Darrell

    Conservatives jumped on Ann within minutes of her speech at CPAC. There was no need for a hypocritical call by the Left for conservatives to do so. I’m still waiting for anyone on the Left to say anything about the six-years of worse hate-speech by the Left against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rove. Nary a day goes by without a call for their death on ‘the caring and sensitive” side of the blogverse-like DU and that wacky Kos Kid. Hear a college speech lately? Remember that Guardian article asking why there are no brave Americans left like Booth or Oswald? A couple of years ago a play opened in Chicago with “assassinate” and “Bush” in the title.

    Perhaps that is Ann Coulter’s point. Conservatives do the right thing even when one of their own is involved, although you’d never know it from the MSM coverage. We’ll have to wait for the Left to start. Don’t hold your breath. Stalin is still more popular here than in his homeland.

  • benning

    Does Ann go over the top? Yup! Is she often rude to people she sees as enemies? Heck, yep! They are her enemies; indeed, they are enemies of this Nation, IMHO.

    Sometimes I think she’s a bit “over the top”, but that’s her right. Because while she’s using combative language she’s also speaking facts. Not fantasizing ala Algore. The language, while not diplomatic, is a bolster agent to the anger, frustration, exasperation she feels.

    All too often when we curse, it is because we have no other way to express an overwhelming anger, rage, …ooooooooooH! and so we grab a vulgarism and throw it out there. My take on this is that that is what Ann does, only with a heck of a lot greater vocabulary, and cleverness, than I could ever muster.

    I have read all her books. They make me laugh, think, growl with anger, shake my head in wonder. I don’t care if a few spoiled twits take umbrage at her words. If the Lefties don’t demand apologies from Julian Bond, Al Sharpton, Jesse, Cindy, Nancy Pelosi, Robert Byrd, Ted … well, I could go on for hours. If they cannot see the log cabin in their own eyes …

    ‘Nuff said?

    Love you, Anchoress!