PC Kills Larry Summers

PC Kills Larry Summers February 22, 2006

Or, at least PC wounds him terribly.

Really, I wish he’d stayed and fought. Larry Summers is a liberal who was actually trying to bring a little intellectual honesty to Harvard, and for that, he gets a nice big kick in the groin.

I like Dr. Sanity’s take on it:

Summers abjectly apologized and fell all over himself backpedaling after making some perfectly harmless remarks which happend to mightily offend (to the point of causing a near-swooning episode) some of his female faculty. And for his herculean efforts to appease the eternal victims of academic feminism, Summers reaped only further scorn and rage, expressed in an angry offensive against his administration–not entirely dissimilar to the escalation of the more recent cartoon jihad.

Yup – my thoughts exactly. If bullie knows a chump can be rolled, chump’s gonna be rolled. Even a whole continent of chumps can be rolled. Or, as Osama bin Laden put it, “the weak horse” can be taken down.

There is lots on this, all over the ‘sphere and it’s really important reading, because it speaks to what we’re all in for if we do not work to stop the mindless advance of political correctness – it is a cloak that suffocates you to death, all the while murmuring pretty-sounding lies. Once more we are reminded that these so-called “liberals” are not the liberals I grew up on.

The Wapo spells it out: Prejudice Wins. Yes. Prejudice.

Mr. Summers can be undiplomatic, as he acknowledged in his resignation letter. But university professors, of all people, should not require mollycoddling; they should be willing to embrace leaders who ask hard questions about how well they are doing their jobs. The tragedy is that the majority at Harvard seems to have known that.

The students seem to, anyway. Entrenched, tenured holdovers who never left 1968, well…they get very little, lately.

Professor Bainbridge links to a surprising commentary by Alan Derschowitz.
Ed Driscoll says This is why Neville Chamberlain is a household name.
Amity Shlaes says Harvard sold Summers down the river. Of course they did!
Sisu says these folks on the left are a memebot running the program of a dead tyrant. Now, that’s a great headline.
James Miller says, hire me!

If made president of Harvard I would spend the $50 million Summers pledged to the feminists to instead set up a center to study genetic differences in intelligence between men and women. The center would prove that Harvard, once again, is committed to free inquiry.

I doubt that an offer will be forthcoming.

Slightly o/t but not really – Gerald tells us what PC is doing to Sweden.

Volokh Conspiracy writes on a different topic but you know…it’s the same damn thing – people shutting other people down.

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