Varifrank, the UAE and disinformation – UPDATED

In one of his best posts ever, Frank Martin breaks the news that the UAE has been moving cargo in and out of JFK Airport for a while, now.

Oh, and Westinghouse, which is a major operator of our nuclear energy sources is UK owned, but Toshiba may be buying it.

I’m glad all of this is coming out. Whether this news makes it beyond the blogs is another thing, though.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit reminds Hillary Clinton (and the rest of us) that the Sauds got control of 9 ports (and China got control of the Panama canal, coming and going) while the Clintons were in power. He links to Jim Geraghty’s rather impassioned exposition of the disinformation campaign:

The Democratic Party would humiliate, alienate, and punish our allies while sending financial aid to terrorists and sucking up to our enemies. Do not buy into the line that they are pushing.

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