Katrina, this is getting boring!

Oh my Gawd! There’s a tape of a briefing and Roy Nagin is “shocked, shocked.”

Let’s review, again.

Everyone thought the levees might not hold through a hurricane.

Then they held.

Does everyone forget that Hurricane Katrina passed New Orleans and the first reports were, “whew! That’s a bullet we dodged!”

The levees broke loose later, along with all hell. I think the president meant to say, “no one anticipated the levees to break AFTER THE FACT.” Everyone anticipated them breaking DURING the storm. And President Bush anticipated that when everyone told him that “everything is covered,” he could count on that being true. Did we forget that he called Gov. Blanco pleading with her to evacuate, and she refused? Pleading with her to use the National Guard, and she refused? Did we forget all those unused buses which did not get people out? Did we forget that the Salvation Army said the local government wouldn’t let them get through to provide aid after the storm?

I haven’t forgotten.

Unless people actually expected President Bush to get out and direct traffic and aid, I don’t see what the hell is so “shocking” about any of this. What was “shocking” to me was the utter unwillingness of the state and local government to use due diligence at their end.

But I guess we haven’t gotten enough mileage out of this story. Or, maybe this is all part of the Bush is trying to reshape NO politics narrative.

Oh, and did you know that one of the writers of this “shocking” story is connected to Rathergate? Wheels within wheels, friends.

I guess we can assume that Brownie provided the tape? CBS Public Eye checks it out. Should be interesting. If Brownie did not supply the tape, who did? Oh, no! I hope it’s not another evil Rovian plot, like those fake TANG documents and, you know, Osama bin Laden showing up in October of 2004!

AJ Strata calls it revisionist history

Look for the History Channel to get the newest version up soon.

Powerlineblog smacks the tape around a little and Big Lizard gives a basic lesson in the difference between breeching and overtopping and flatly calls the reporters liars.

Gateway has more.

Captain Ed calls it yer basic hatchet job, but Bush should be used to those by now. Bush should be like Nearly Headless Nick, Ghost-mascot of Griffendor Towers in the Harry Potter books. I believe he had his neck hatcheted 35 times, and yet his neck never quite was breeched. Poor Nick can never be a member of the Headless Horsemen Club because of it. Sad, that.

Maybe we should just stop treating these media outbursts with gravity and respect and start making fun of them.

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