Various and smattering links

Julie’s daughter has a priest who needs some tellin’ to.

Laura Lee has issues with John Zogby and his %$#! poll!

David Gregory calls into Imus, apparently in his cups. A Rovian plot? Stay tuned!

How doth they lie to you?
Let Gateway Pundit count the ways! He also has a followup on the mysterious issue of where, exactly, the WaPo got its numbers from.

I don’t like to pile on,
but yet another editor has issues with truthfulness in reporting. Powerline wonders how much a part plain old, continual, malevolent bad reportage has played in lowering Bush’s numbers. I’d say an impressive amount.

This is pretty funny, a schoolteacher is trying President Bush for war crimes, in absentia. I’d bet that if anyone criticised him too harshly, he’d go running to his union for protection, but you know…he’s a teacher. He gets to dish it out and never has to take it.

I thought we knew this already:
Soviets behind assassination attempt of JPII. Let this be a lesson to you tyrannies: don’t mess with the Pope. He’ll still be here, in one form or another, when you’re long gone.

John Hawkins has the 25 best and worst moments in US History.

Finally, my favorite piece of the day
– Shrinkwrapped endured the chortling and carrying on between me and Maxed Out Mama and when we were done screwing having fun he thought about what we’d written and writes brilliantly on the death of critical thinking. A Must Read. Yes, I saved the best for last.

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