Spring Break runs over Tarheel Terror

My source at Chapel Hill, “A” has sent in what will – for now – it seems, be the final report on the Tarheel Terrorist, since the school is on Spring Break:

“…the furor is finally dead and gone. There are a few stray op-eds in today’s newspaper which no one will read because all of the University has already bolted for the beaches in a Spring Break fever. I point you to the Daily Tarheel editorial and letters to the editor section at the bottom of the page if you care to see the three letters they published. Two decried Ms. Franks for making this issue out to be something its not, one supported her.

The fact of the matter is this–students don’t want to think of it as terror because it would undermine so many things for them. It would undermine their liberal professors who have been saying America has brought this on itself. They cannot conceive (and they should not be able to) what they could have done to ask for an Islamic Jihadist to plow through students little more than teenagers for no other reason but to kill them.

But more than that, it would mean they are no longer safe. It scares them that the war they may have been so hotly opposed to might actually have some validity after all. It would tell them that the ROTC students who have to dress in uniform 2 days a week really aren’t the bad guys after all. And to those students who shout “killer!” and “terrorist!” at those ROTC soldiers (and they really do that every day), they have to come to terms with the fact that if that nutcase had a bomb or a gun in that car, it would have been officers just like those ROTC kids who would be shipped off to a desolate place to defend them and their right to call an honest American soldier a murderer. They’d rather just head to Cozumel or Daytona or Myrtle Beach and forget the whole thing ever happened.

All these things only enhance a disgust in my mind for the entitlement generation who don’t understand that people die just to give them a chance to be able to further demean the dead. My father served in the first Gulf War, and to know what those kids (and more shamefully, those professors) would call him now is enough to make me wish I called somewhere else home some days. But there are rays of light, and that keeps one going. More than that, if I leave, and take my outspoken politics with me, they win. And that is something I just will not abide.

Applause, applause, “A” – great letter. Please do go read the editorial and the letters to the editor in today’s Daily Tarheel. Particularly pay attention to the sophomore who seems to have swallowed massive amounts of kool-aid.

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  • Sigmund Carl and Alfred

    “A” raises some excellent points. UNC-Chapel Hill has long been within the ‘Twilight Zone.’

    Kicking and screaming, UNC-CH has been drawn into the real world- and it scared the hell out that institution.

    It’s one thing to defend so called ‘oppressed peoples’ lashing out at Americans. It’s a whole other thing when the ‘oppressed peoples,’ encouraged by the liberal ‘literati’ attack in their own back yard.

    Those liberal ‘literati’ came to within a hairs breadth of having to explain away the support- and encouragement- they gave to some ‘oppressed’ person, to the parents a murder victim.

  • http://benningswritingpad.blogspot.com/ benning

    Both them Sophymores talk with some big werds, Ma’am. ‘N I ain’t ‘zackly sure I wuz able t’ git the full meanin’s outen them. ‘Specially them ones with lots of sillybills to ‘em. But I figger they wuz writ by kiddies wih heads fulla mush? Like thet Rush feller sez?

    ‘N all I kin say to ‘em is “come on, Kiddies”! Git out heeyar in thuh real wurld fer a bit. See what yer goody-two-shoes, “ever’body iz muh eekwul” thinkin gits ya out heeyar.

    *What a pair of silly, over-educated, under-taught, self-important twits!*

    Terrorism is what occurred, not an incident within a certain historical context. Terrorism.

    Time for those kids to grow up!