Ace has celebrity bloggers, too!

H/T to Mary Katharine Ham.

Upon the revelation by George Clooney that Huffington Post celeb bloggers are probably NOT, Ace has decided to add a cabal of his own not-celebrity, probably-publicist guest bloggers.

So far, Ace has not hosted Clay Aiken, who comes out of the political closet and Madonna, who is clearly studying Leo Rosten’s Joys of Yiddish.

And Cathy Seipp has fun at Arianna’s expense and also at the expense of a few “real” journalists.

On a serious note, Public Eye’s Vaughn Ververs wonders how this jibes with bloggers who’ve melded into the “legitimate” press. Can’t be good.

Back to unserious, if Arianna and Ace are making it up, I think we should all do that. I’m going to see if Bryn Terfel will not celebrity blog for me. Sigh. Mmmmmm…make my basso profundo dreams come true!

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