BetsysPage is Missing? UPDATED

This is the strangest thing I’ve ever heard of.

Kim at Musing Minds says Betsy Newmark’s blogpage has gone missing!

Blogger’s been having some problems and somebody named Sam has stolen Betsy’s URL. There is a page there called Betsy Page with one post that doesn’t say anything and two comments, one spam and one from Betsy herself.

There were two posts earlier, but one is now gone.

UPDATE: Now Fausta’s blog is inaccessible.

Weird. I tried getting to the page via a link in this post but no go.

We cannot do without Betsy Newmark! BRING BACK BETSY!

Betsy wrote to Glenn Reynolds and tells the story here and Doug has tried to help out by google caching as much of her stuff as he could and posting it here. Good thinking!

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