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Given that Ace has managed to snag a few celebrity bloggers for his place, in the manner of Arianna – I reached out to one, too, and he has graciously accepted an invitation to opine here – I believe he is responding to this post:

First of all, dear Anchoress – thank you for allowing me a few precious pixels of bandwidth to express my deep admiration and affection for your blog and the tireless work you put forth in pursuit of truth, justice and an increase in site-meter hits, even as your pockets empty out of cash. What dedication! What fervor! What charm! How delightful! And I agree with virtually everything you write, politically, musically, religiously. Baseball is better than Cricket (but not Rugby). Buster could almost be my son! Allow me to kiss your nail-bitten fingertips. Allow me to press your dainty, soda-bread encrusted hand to my chest as I seduce you with my deepest and most sonorous low notes and weaken your knees with intimiate, pianissimo high notes.

May I place a delicate kiss upon your Guinness-foam mustache? Do you like enormous Celtic men with thinning red hair, twinkling blue eyes and scruffy beards? Shall I sing to you in Italian? Why don’t you come live with me in Wales and let the rest of the blogosphere battle it out in the ecosystem…we could make beautiful music together…will you be my muse? Shall we romp through the orchards, O ruddier than the cherry? I know I am married with three kids, but as demonstrated by this man in the UK, it is quite possible for two women to get along and share one unworthy, randy fellow.

Call me!

Love and kisses,
Bryn the Braw*

*There is a slight possibility that this celebrity blogger did not fully and exactly prepare these remarks by his own hand. Or mind.

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  • Sigmund Carl and Alfred

    Wow! What a great guest blogger! All I ever get are blogging kittens and cats and (owned by liberal mommies and daddies) that want to guest post for me…

    You need to write for the Ray Romano reunion show.

    This is great!

  • Julie D.

    If you are getting that kind of celebrity mail after one little post then I am wondering why Sawyer or Sayid from Lost are not seranading me continuously. I’ve gotta look into this …

  • TheAnchoress

    Alright, but remember: NO APOLOGIES and NO CONFESSION!

  • Fausta

    I’ve said it before, and keep saying,
    Bryn Terfel: M’m, M’m, GOOD!even when virtual.

    (Re: your nail-bitten fingertips
    May I suggest some ProStrong?)