There are no more Acts of God

The left has – essentially – decreed that George W. Bush is mightier than God Almighty. There are no acts of God, only Acts of Dubya. Gerard Vanderleun is pondering this.

Here’s the thing,” [Spike Lee] said. “Even today, a large part of the African-American community of New Orleans thinks that those levees were bombed. Now, whether that is true or not, that should not be discounted.” He rattled off past government trespasses…

“So, in the collective mind of African-Americans, it is not some science-fiction, hocus-pocus thing to say that the government is doing stuff,” he continued. “Even if it didn’t happen, you cannot discount it and dismiss it as Oh you people are crazy.

Alas, we can and they are. There’s never a disaster anymore in America that can happen as an “Act of God.” No, all disasters are, by default, an “Act of Bush.” On the one hand, George Bush is, in the eyes of many, a stupid and utterly incompetent President. On the other, Bush has absolute power over the winds and the waves and is even now deploying a limitless army of spooks, spies, and repurposed Spetsnaz to listen in on every Americans’ international calls to that transsexual phone sex bank in New Delhi. And, between photo-ops tomorrow, Bush will be taking time out to blow Bedford Sty off the face of the map before swinging by Spike Lee’s Upper East Side townhouse to stifle his dissent with a LAWs rocket.

A man of Spike Lee’s stature and position should be ashamed to continue to inject the poison of conspiracy into the race issue in America today. But being ashamed didn’t get Spike Lee his position and stature. Being shameless did. Weaving the big lies of contemporary race hustling into movies made Spike Lee what he is. It is working for him and there’s no reason to think shame enters the picture.

But there is a deep shame associated with New Orleans and you won’t see it any Spike Lee “documentary,” or in any other dramatization of the event. Instead, you have to hear it in the voice of Stanford’s Hoover Institute fellow, Shelby Steele, author of The Content of Our Character: A New Vision of Race in America and the forthcoming White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era.

Go read the piece – read what Shelby Steele has to say. Read Vanderleun’s mournful and resigned prophecy of where it all is heading.

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  • Sigmund Carl and Alfred

    I read the Shelby Steele piece and linked to it, earlier today.

    It really is one of those pieces that needs little in the way of introduction and comment.

    “Something people overlook is the shock of becoming free. When an oppressor finally takes his foot off your neck—whether it’s the European powers withdrawing from their colonies, or whites in America passing civil rights legislation and starting a Great Society—the group that has created an entire culture to cope with oppression is suddenly disoriented. Becoming free can give a profound shock. We don’t have the values in place for dealing with it. We don’t have the ideas. We have the mechanisms for wearing masks, for manipulating an oppressor, for surviving under harsh circumstances; we’ve become geniuses at that. But we don’t know what to do with freedom.

    So when we come to freedom, we experience it as a humiliation, as an embarrassment, as a shame. Now, for the first time, we see how far behind we actually are. We see how long it’ll take to catch up with the people we suddenly have to compete with. And in some cases, we lock up in terror.”

    Those words are true as noting the sky is blue and the sun is warm.