The mystery of my mood…


Well, mystery of my mood is solved. My whole mouth is broken out with fever blisters and canker sores…I have never had this before – never had a fever sore, ever. Every lymph node is swollen – whole neck is stiff. Eyes are leaking yuck.

I should have realized I was getting sick when I was impatient with Buster’s playing. Time to sleep and beef up the vitamin C, I guess.

Blogging will be light. It’s okay, you don’t want to be around me right now, anyway. I cranky.

If you get a chance, go see Beth’s takedown of the whole Bush is too manly crapola narrative. And go see Michelle’s plea for the life of this Christian man. The church is always at its strongest and most fervent when martyrs are falling…but let us pray it does not come to that. This is hopeful.

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  • Sigmund Carl and Alfred

    Get better soon.

    And have some milk.

  • http://none Darrell

    Sounds like the docs have gotten your immune system too low. I would suggest avoiding people and their germs but I know you couldn’t keep from doing everything for all people and going everywhere doing it. So, instead, I will step up my prayers for you! I know better than to fight a force of nature! A little Jameson’s Irish on a napkin help to my lips always made those cold sores feel better.

  • http://none Darrell

    That’s “held” to my lips…

    No, I’m not doing that right now.

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    “Encouraged by the testimony of Martyrs and Saints, the Church, pilgrim on earth, faces everyday the good battle of faith to share the same crown of glory, and invokes the mercy of the Father, who reveals his power in the weak and gives the defenseless the strength of martyrdom.”
    O Lord, remember your son Abdul in this, his hour of trial. Be a tower of strength for him. Send him your grace and strength and flights of angels to be with him and to help him endure, persevere, and remain steadfast in the Faith. We thank You, Lord God, Father Almighty, for giving us Brothers and Sisters, who have witnessed and continue to witness their love for You by a holy life, and many of them to the shedding of their blood. May their example lighten and sustain Abdul in his journey till the day in which he will arrive at the heavenly Jerusalem, through Christ Our Lord. Amen.
    May we worthily venerate the martyrs as disciples and imitators of the Lord and for their supreme fidelity towards their King and Master, and may it be granted to Abdul also to become their companion and fellow-disciple. Amen.
    Holy Mother of God and Queen of Martyrs, pray for him. Saints Stephen, Peter, and Paul, martyrs of Christ and pillars and foundation of the Church, pray for him. Saints Callixtus, Pontian, Fabian, Cornelius, Sixtus II, Eusebius, Polycarp, Cecilia, Perpetua, Boniface, Isaac Jogues, Jean de Brebeuf, Perfectus, and Pelagius, Isaac, Eulogius, Leocritia, Flora, and Maria of Cordoba, and all the Holy Martyrs, pray for him.

  • Owen

    Manly crapola or not,

    “President Bush had nothing to say about the case today at his press conference.

    And no member of the White House press corps thought to ask.”

    and I take that quote from a followup comment by Malkin in the linked Malkin article. I reserve any comment of my own except to note that the juxtaposition of these two links is at the very least, interesting.

  • madeleine

    This story greeted my eyes today. I think those phone calls may be working:

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    Yes, Madeleine, one must be “insane” to prefer Christ to the murdering, schizophrenic, pedophile Prophet.

    You know, the Soviets in the past, and Cubans and Chinese today send a lot of their dissidents to “mental hospitals” too.

  • PeggyR


    Re #7

    This is something that we have to address in any letters that we send on Rahman’s behalf. Not only does he have the right to change his religion without being killed for it, he also has the right to not be institutionalized or otherwise marginalized for that choice. It is against his human rights for the government to weasel out of exonerating him by having him declared insane. In the bests interests of this man and of the Gospel as well, we must insist on a complete exoneration of this man.

    If he is declared insane, then not only is his witness undermined but he also becomes vulnerable to be put in an institution to (sar.) protect himself and others from his illness.

    Can you imagine a people who would declare someone insane just because he has followed his conscience or is found with the wrong holy book? Whatever good there may be in islam, its stuff like this that convinces me that its origins are anything but divine. What could be more devious than to incorporate into a religion the idea that renouncing it is a traitorious attack upon God and State deserving of death, a crime so heinous that anyone who commits it is as evil as a murdered or else dangerously insane?

    This alone has been the cause of most of the trouble with missions among muslims. Pray God that cracks are finally beginning to appear and that those who are thoughtful and decent will begin to see that a choice between islam or death is no choice at all and makes slaves even of those who dont want to renounce islam. May they realize that none of them are free to choose their faith if even one is kept in the faith by force and by threat of execution.

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    And once again there is a deafening silence from “moderate” Muslims.

  • PeggyR


    I’ve suggested over at another blog that we start a petition to moderate muslim leaders and celebrities who are muslim calling on them to immediately announce their support for the freedom of this man to change his religion without penalty and asking them to send a delegation to Afghanistan requesting to visit him and asking the authorities to respect his human right follow his own conscience. Since I dont have a blog of my own, I am trying to see if I can get the support of some of the more prominent conservataive blogs to promote the petition if I open it up.

    Owing to the peculiarites of islam, our word as Christians doesnt count as much as the sympathy of muslims. Mr Rahman needs to seen having the support of other muslims.

    I figure that the moderate muslims will have no choice but to do something or else they will be exposed as hypocrites. Their help is absolutely neccessary.


    Will you help to promote my petition if I open it up?

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    It is probably a non-starter Peggy. By their logic, for one Muslim to say that it is OK for another Muslim to reject Allah and his Prophet is itself a kind of blasphemy and apostacy.

  • benning

    Anchoress, we’ll take you anyway you are. Get better!

    Bender: Darn, Man, you’re good! Keep it up!

  • TheAnchoress

    Hi Peggy – I’m sorry I am late coming to this discussion, I’ve been under the weather. I think Bender is probably correct that such a petition – while very well intended and while useful as a basic show of support to Abdul, will get very little response from Muslims. Those who do speak out find themselves under death threats – the moderates who talk politics are one thing…but for a moderate to defend a Christian…I don’t know that they’d do it, even if they wanted to – unless they’re ready for their own to turn on them. A tough call.