bin Laden sought “operational relationship” with Saddam

That OBL and the Taliban are in contact with Iraq and that a group of Taliban and bin Laden group members visited Iraq.
That the U.S. has proof the Iraqi government and “bin Laden’s group” agreed to cooperate to attack targets inside America.
That in case the Taliban and bin Laden’s group turn out to be involved in “these destructive operations,” the U.S. may strike Iraq and Afghanistan.
That the Afghani consul heard about the issue of Iraq’s relationship with “bin Laden’s group” while he was in Iran.

I think the editorial notes beneath the documents are riotous. “There are no official seals….the source is referred to only as a number…”

They use anonymous sources all the time and that’s “legitimate.” But these don’t have official seals, well then….

Nice to see it mentioned in the press. How soon do you think this story will be allowed to die?

Hey, I should be grateful it’s even being reported on. Props to ABC news.

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  • Sigmund Carl and Alfred

    I noticed that. So far, dem ‘analylists’ (no Saddam relationship with AQ, no WMD’s) are batting 000.

    I thought the baseball tie in was appropriate.

  • newton

    The swoosh you hear is the sound of a couple of fists landing on the eyes of those media “analysts.”