Vanderleun channels Ginsberg

You know…after reading this…I feel a little better.

I feel like things are turning a corner:


by Gerard Allen Van der Ginsberg

For Karl Rove

I SAW the second-best minds of my not-so-Great Generation destroyed by Bush Derangement Syndrome, pasty, paunchy, tenured, unelectable, and not looking too sharp naked,

bullshitting themselves through the African-American streets at cocktail hour looking for a Prozac refill,

aging hair-plugged hipsters burning for their ancient political connection to the White House through the machinations of moonbats,

who warred on poverty and Halliburton’s Wal-Mart and bulbous-eyed and still high from some bad acid in 1968 set up no-smoking zones on tobacco farms in the unnatural darkness of Darwinistic delusions floating a few more half-baked secular notions like “Let’s all worship zero!”,

who bared their withered breasts and, he or she, bleated their vaginas’ mawkish monologues to John Kennedy’s ghost under the capitol dome and french-kissed Mohammedan agents in the gore-drenched redrum rooms of Guantanamo,

who passed gas and on into universities with radiant cool eyes hallucinating President Al Gore and Vice-President Noam Chomsky envisioning world peace among the masters of war and stayed on and stayed on and stayed on sucking off the great teat of academe in upaid student loans and over-paid professorial positions the better to molest the minds of children for decades with every third year off for bad behavior,

who were embraced by the academies and hired by the New York Times for crazy & publishing obscene odes or anything else that trashed George W. Bush without regard for truth since there were no consequences for these posturing poseurs of puke,

Read the rest of this beatnick tone-poem on the “posturing poseurs of puke” here

Vanderleun was inspired by this post by Dinocrat.

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  • Sigmund Carl and Alfred

    Brilliant. Nothing less than that.

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  • kelleyb

    This is brilliant! Thanks for posting this…now I must clean my monitor.

  • benning

    Wow! I mean … Wow!