AI: Elliott Yamin, Moody’s Mood for Love

I don’t often remember to turn the TV on for American Idol – I think Chris Daughtry is pretty exciting, and certainly charismatic, and I caught Elliot Yasmin (who looks a lot better with his hair growing out) doing “Teach Me Tonight” last week, and he was pretty dang impressive on so difficult a song.

Yasmin seems to make a habit of choosing very tough, very sophisticated tunes, though. Someone clued me in to this performance of Moody’s Mood for Love. Again – awfully good. His voice and phrasing remind me a lot of Al Jarreau.

From what I’ve seen it’s down to Mandisa, Chris Daughtry and Elliot. They’re all really talented in their genres and they seem to be the most charismatic, most comfortable performers (there is nothing worse than a performer who looks like he or she is relieved that their turn to sing is over – hello Katharine and Ace – they should look like they’re sorry to have to stop!)

Anyway, I think I’m starting to like Elliot the best – he’s edging out Chris, just a little – mostly because he seems to have something original about him – and his musical sensibilities – the jazzy bit – that’s kind of nicely different for AI.

Check out the video.

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