The psychology of ingratitude

Dr Sanity takes a long hard look at the rescued peace activists and their disdain and ingratitude toward their rescuers and reaches some conclusions in a long and thoughtful piece. She applies it to others, too:

Think of it this way–these are people (both my patient and the peace activists) who not only are incapable of looking directly into the eyes of evil and recognizing its guilt; but they are equally incapable of looking into the eyes of the good and appreciating its innocence. And for good measure, they haven’t been able to look in the mirror for a very very long time.

They have been lying to themselves for years; avoiding acknowledging their own feelings or taking responsibility for their own lives or actions; and projecting all their unacceptable feelings onto others. Both Western culture–America in particular; and the “system” are handy dandy repositories for those unacceptable feelings.

Some part of them recognizes that something dreadful is going on in the world, but they cannot face it directly because it is too threatening to their worldview and their holy scripture; and facing the truth might make them have to go into their heart of hearts to examine the origins of that dreadful terror. Hence the need to displace their anxiety to a less threatening authority figure (e.g., Bush or America; or even those that rescue them from death) is easier than facing the dread source of their anxiety.

Very good stuff. You’ll want to read it all.

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  • joeh

    Is this a surprise? How many thank yous have we received over the years from countries we have saved like France and Germany? How many generations of welfare recipients were thankful for everything that has been done for them? How many elderly are thankful for the gift of thousands of dollars well beyound anything they put into the plan? How many of us remember to thank God every day for all he has done for such as me. We are absorbed in ourselves. It is the human condition. They see themselves as saviours against an evil and the evil saved their bacon from what is the real evil they were trying to embrace.