In this morning’s mail…

My poor, much put-upon husband. He’s always after me to do something about all the books all over the house. When he sees the mailbox full of review copies of books he just shakes his head and mutters, “at least they’re free…”

These all look interesting. Don’t Waste Your Sorrows discusses the role of suffering in the Christian life, something this blog has explored a couple-dozen times. This is apparently a re-issue of a book that has been around for a while. I know there is a lot of Catholic writing about the redemptive nature of suffering, and I’m happy to feature a book that is not explicitly “Catholic” in its perspective.

Catholicism, Now I Get It! comes at a time when I’m getting lots of email from non-Catholics who are asking for something beyond the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Catholicism for Dummies and Rome Sweet Home. A quick glance through it and I can see that this is very conversational in tone, reader friendly in a “Okay, now, let’s start from the top -” sort of way.

Getting America Right seems like a book whose publication has also come at a very opportune time. A book meant to help us regain focus on what is important, what Washington is ignoring, what we let slip by at our own peril. I’ll write more when I have read it, but it looks sensible and timely.

I haven’t yet put any of these in The Bookshelf yet, but I probably will when I get a chance.

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