The press gets another one wrong

Or, as Siggy says, so much for the torture flights.

There is no evidence the US has used UK airspace for flights transferring terror suspects to countries where they could be tortured, the government says.

Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram said it would be a diplomatic error for UK officials to board jets to investigate.

That would involve an “assumption” the US was not “being honest with us”.

Speaking to the joint parliamentary committee on human rights, he said: “Why should we operate on that basis to undermine our allies?”

‘Extraordinary rendition’

The government has acknowledged that six US planes linked by campaigners to “extraordinary rendition” flights have landed and taken off from UK airports on 73 occasions since 2001.

Under extraordinary rendition, intelligence agencies send terror suspects for interrogation by security officials in other countries.

Campaigners claim British airspace has been used for US flights transferring suspects to places where they could be tortured.

The UK government says there is no evidence of this.

Sort of doesn’t matter, though, does it? The Iraqi documents seem to be reveiling that Saddam and AlQ were better connected than we’ve been led to believe, are getting very little press, and of course, there were no WMD except for the stuff they found…once the narrative is in place, it’s almost impossible to dislodge it for the truth. The press knows that. So does the left.

For that matter, so does the enemy.

Come to think of it, this story isn’t getting much coverage, either. The message is reinforced. For some, there is NO accountability…for others, EVERYTHING is being held accountable.

This cannot go on much longer without ending badly.

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