Abdul Rahman – Safe in Italy UPDATED

“I think he arrived overnight” Premier Silvio Berlusconi said.

OEC writes America should take a cue and “learn that it’s alright to do the right thing….

I have to take a little gentle exception, there. America knows it’s alright to do the right thing and has been doing it for the last three years under nothing but criticism. I think diplomatically it was smart for America to let another country do this. She has enough on her plate. I hope Mr. Rahman is being held somewhere very safe for Christians…like the Vatican.

Michelle Malkin notes that other Christians in Afghanistan are now threatened. Complications upon complications. Nothing that concerns Islamofascists is easy.

Rahman’s rescue has got neo-neocon’s brain moving – and she’s responded with a thoughtful post that goes places you might find surprising. A good read.

David Warren, who is always so good, says there is more to this story than we are considering.

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