…Residing in the Reality of the Great Mystery

The most interesting women on the internet is Alexandra and today she has two provocative posts which you must check out.

First up – Who is eligible for salvation? It is a question she is carrying over from this post and for an answer she provides links to several snippets from an interview between Bob Wright and Fr. Lorenzo Albacete. Good stuff and perhaps a timely dialogue.

The complete interview between Robert Wright and Fr. Albacete is here and it is well worth watching. Wright overtalks a bit – a little annoying – but still very good. I love how he talks about his own decision – as a man, a scientist, engaged to be married – to become a priest. “I was (lectoring) not even thinking it as ‘religious’ thing, but as a ‘performace,’ when suddenly…(I felt) a call I had not felt before…suddenly something was different…a suggestion…not difficult to ignore…what convinced me was that one day, looking back, I came to the realization that it was irresponsible of me not to say yes or no to this possibility.” As we learn in Kings, it’s not the clap of thunder, it’s the whisper. “I didn’t fall off a horse like St. Paul, I just figured, ‘what the heck, let’s try it out.'”

Secondly, check out her graphic – An Islamist John Kerry wrapped in an American flag, and read Alexandra’s thoughts on the Democrats new “REAL” Security plan which could rightly be called waiting Bush out. Don’t worry Islamofascists – just wait Bush out, and you can get back to the killin’!

Sez Alexandra: “…the next President will admit defeat and order a retreat, as all of President Bush’s predecessors have done since Jimmy Carter.”

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