Quick hits and wonders around the ‘sphere

Finishing up – finally and forever – that project whose deadline has been looming over my head, so here is a quick look around the ‘sphere.

Peter Wehner looks at revisionist history going on under our nose. This is a must-read, and a keeper.

If you’re wondering how the “Bush Lied about WMD” meme keeps living, Lorie Byrd can tell you. It lives with great assistance by the press. About now seems a good time to resurrect this compilation of precisely what the Dems said about WMD all those years ago.

AJ Strata is wondering if the GOP Contract with America and its pledge that no congressperson should be above the law, is dead in the water – and what that might mean.

Ann Althouse wonders just how much attention Madonna needs.

Which leads me to ask, am I the only one who finds her latest stunts merely predictable and perfunctory? Hey Madonna, it takes no courage to ape the Crucifixion of Christ or make a vulgar joke about George W. Bush – those are the safest things in the world to do – you want to really be daring, try this. Instead of simulating sex and bondage (didn’t you DO that back in the ’80′s?) why not come onstage wearing a Burka…yeah, that’s it…and then you can have your crew simulate a genital mutilation or an honor killing…got it? Now that’s edgy, honey, especially if you then have some dancers show up like US Troops who liberate you, and you kiss a mask of George W. Bush…now THAT would be brave and daring. THAT would be something worth looking at, too. THAT would justify the press’ pavlovian response to every ringing of your bell.

Speaking of the Pavlovian Press, the NY Times offers up its front page to the wonderfulness of Bill and Hill and their great marriage. The press, so quick to call Bush “incurious” has so little curiosity about these people beyond, “how’d you get to be so great?” Notice tough questions are never asked, and even the easy ones are never put to anyone outside the Clinton sphere. Ding, ding, ding, “Hillary needs you, guys,” and the press – salivating – runs. They will be content to carry her on their shoulders, all the way to the WH, without ever asking her a serious or difficult question, and once installed, her every move will be the perfect move. And the GOP will be warned by the press not to play obstructionist with any of her judges or policies…because that would be bad. Or something.

One question for Hillary: why does she think we need 50 BILLION dollars for research into ethanol? Seems like a lot of money to research what is already working, doesn’t it?

There is a slight chance the far-right will, like Wyle E. Coyote, manage to run on air fast enough to prevent a big fall…right? They might. Sure. I believe it, too. Of course, they might not. They might fall into the desert and make a big hole, climb out of it and find the Hillarian Roadrunner beep-beeping and leaving track marks on their heads.

Speaking of far-right, Siggy puts them on his analyst couch as does Doc Sanity, who also analyses the left. There is a good piece here from Michael Novak on why President Bush might be called “The Bravest President.”

Confederate Yankee wonders if Hezbollah’s pre-emptive surrender is a tip off?

Maxed Out Mama has a very interesting post on the Bird Flu which you should go read, and another interesting post on Chief Justice John Roberts’ remarkable first year leading the SCOTUS.

When this many people take a cartoon this seriously, you have to say they just don’t have enough to do. I begin to think these protesting professors also do not have enough to do. ABP notes they’re not the most tolerant folks when it comes to dissent. I thought the first and most basic tenent of liberalism is that people were entitled to have their own point of view, and deserved full respect for it. I guess I was wrong.

Nuns in the news: I’m not sure exactly what Rocco is annoyed about here but the nun part is pretty cool (story here). Some Benedictines in Arizona also seem to be flourishing. And our Dominican friends are messing around with a camera of a rainy Sunday.

Hugh Hewitt’s got Tee Shirts and their bright red. I love red….

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  • kelleyb

    Do you ever wonder if those same Boston College professors who vigorously condemned the Rice Honorary Degree, as contrary to Catholic teaching, enjoyed the BC Campus presentations of the Vagina Monologue, or did they sign the online petition advocating alternative presentations highlighting the dignity of women? Just a thought….

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  • Donna

    When I saw the photo of Madonna on the cross, my first impulse was to laugh. Derisively. At a woman almost exactly one year older than me, who is making a fool of herself in front of millions and thinks she’s being cool and cutting-edge.
    All of us age. Some of us never grow up.

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