Thank you for your donations…

Hopefully, my day-from-the-seventh-ring-of-hades (don’t even ask) will soon get better and I’ll actually be able to post something, but in the meantime, please accept my thanks.

Although my reluctant little fundraiser only lasted a day instead of the planned three, I have been humbled and heartened by your response to it. I have tried, as best I can, to thank each of you with a personal email, but lots of folks donating the Amazon Honor System seem to have wished to do so anonymously, or Amazon has dropped the ball in notifying me (quite possibly, the latter) and so there are folks out there who I have not had the chance to thank. Please accept my sincere thanks, now. Your support of this site is appreciated more than I can say.

And I thank you for the prayers, too, as does my sister and her family. It is always an amazing thing to realize that people you don’t even know are generously praying for your good. It is enormously comforting, and we are exceedingly grateful. God bless you all.

I have received, for one reason or another, an astonishing amount of email over the past few days and I am trying to plow through it, plow, plow, plow…while I generally do try to answer most emails, I don’t know if I’ll manage this time. Hope you’ll understand. I do read ‘em all, though. Even the hate ones. ;-)

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  • buckey1

    I just used the Amazon system and its really user friendly and I like it better than Paypal.

    I used more bandwith on your most excellent “Essential Bush” thread. Geez, that was a good blog!


  • igout


    When you have a minute, or if you’re looking around for something to write about, go to the endish part of Essential Bush, say aronud #59. There’s an interesting bend in the immigration debate. At least I think so, but then I’m prejudiced.
    your implacable admirer,

  • TheAnchoress

    Thank, Buckeye…Amazon didn’t notify me! Glad I can say thanks to you!

  • buckey1

    I just did it on Wednesday. You da bomb!:>