Jefferson and Hastert – OUT NOW!

UPDATE: Mac at Macsmind thinks Bush is doing the biggest rope-a-dope of all and I kinda hope he’s right.

If he is right, maybe Hastert can stay…if not…we return you to my original post:

I want them both out! And Pelosi, too, since she’s the minority speaker and she’s in agreement with Hastert. OUT! They all deserve each other, and they all need to resign, and since they won’t do it without pressure, I say we apply pressure. I don’t actually know how we do that, but I’m sure others do!

I’m not a Tapscottian, but like Jim Geraghty, I’m not unsympathetic to their sense of disgust and their anger. Writes Jim:

“…no sooner than I spend the better part of a week making the case as to why conservatives ought to not sit out the 2006, elections, Dennis Hastert and many senior Republicans behave in a manner that suggests they’re riding to the aid of Democratic Congressman William Jefferson and declaring that the FBI has no right to search a member’s office.

Much of my reaction through yesterday was not printable on NRO. Too profane, too many suggestions of anatomically impossible positions, too many insinuations of Oedipal behavior. You get the idea.”

Indeed, we do.

Congress has its drawers in such a knot that the president has sealed everything for 45 days. Supposedly, a cooling-off period. Probably really buying time for strategizing, or possibly protecting sensitive info? Don’t know. Very concerned, though. I’m hoping it’s not, “Mr. President your numbers are incredibly low and if you want Congress to help you on anything, anything at all…”

Or, you know, it could be a good move. It means that we’ll be hearing more about this closer to the elections. Ah, strategery!

Hey, I’m an optimistic, bouyant kinda girl. Maybe all this festering pus has to begin to ooze before we can get real representation in DC. But then…you know, we could vote ‘em all out in November and it may still come down to “meet the new boss, just like the old boss…”

All I know is I do NOT want to wait until November to see this particular matter addressed. I don’t even want to wait 45 days, Mr. President!

(And you guys thought I always approved everything he does…you should know me better if you read me!) :-)

Sister Toldjah has a really good round-up. Ed Morrissey wonders if Hastert is smart enough to take the lifeline he just got thrown

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  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    I have three things to say about this –
    Term Limits
    Term Limits
    Term Limits

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    the president has sealed everything for 45 days. Supposedly, a cooling-off period.

    It is an interesting move, and it will be interesting to see how the congressional leadership reacts to it. If they go along with the president’s actions here, then they are basically establishing the precedent that the president has the authority to intervene in an on-going criminal investigation — any criminal investigation of anyone — and shut it down for a time. If they say OK this time, it will be hard for anyone to claim obstruction of justice the next time some president gets involved in an investigation.

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