The same tired slogans, the same tired breasts

Do yourself a favor, and open all the links…because they’re all good. :-)

Zombie brings us People in San Francisco who got naked and rode bikes because they really, really want their serious messages to be taken seriously. You know. “Bush lied, people died…my genitalia would make a better President Bush…(pay no attention to the millions of women he’s freed or the ones fighting for their freedom because he inspired them -they’re not real women…or they’re the wrong sort of women, or something)

“No blood for oil…Halliburton! Halliburton!” “It’s all about free speech, maaaannn!” Because you see how these people are being beaten down and suppressed and kept from expressing themselves.

Ignore this part about Saddam and Zarqawi, because we know the truth, or we will as soon as the press frames it for us….

We don’t have a thought in our heads, but we’re soooooo morally superior and socially aware. We’re noble and we’re not afraid to get naked if that’s what it takes for you to see it! Who needs a reality check when we’ve got bumper stickers on our asses? A reality check? Oh, yeah, Haditha! Haditha! Ooops…we’ll walk that one back….

Yawn. Is it naptime, yet?

Perhaps these people should spend some time with Mr. Vanderleun. And yeah, it is pretty interesting that the polls, never worth looking at before, have seemed to lately disappeared.

Michael Barone has some ideas about how the nation does not take Democrats seriously and Dr. Sanity brings her professional opinion to his thoughts and also relates some more info about the tendancy toward mendacity we see beginning to overwhelm the left. Yes, Big Daddy, ah said mendacity.

Those who are still thinking are walking away from a party and a movement that first walked away from us.

This does not fill me with glee, btw. The country needs two sane parties. Right now we have one completely bonkers party and one that needs serious therapy before it disappears up its own backside because it got too cramped.

And no, don’t be deluded; a third party ain’t the answer…unless your name is Charlie Brown and the folks convincing you they’ll join a third party with you are named Van Pelt…then it might seem like the answer, until they swipe the football from under you in mid-kick.

(Ummm, – a quick aside – some of these free speech sorts on the left are trying to shut down Ann Coulter. I guess she is the wrong sort of woman, too…hey, I don’t much like her but I’d never try to shut her – or these idiots -down. Free speech for me, but not for thee, I guess. What was it Tim Robbins said about the cold wind? These naked people might know.)

Related: Maxed Out Mama writes on more 60’s fallouts as does Shrinkwrapped. Laura Lee Donoho says no one is buying the swill. Jimmie Bise is looking at the Dems new slogan. And Jim Geraghty notes the refrain, it’s a terrible year for the GOP. Hmmmm. Vote Dems for Pork?

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