“Kill Bush Chic” has never been about Bush

It occurs to me, upon reading this crap that certain folks on the left have been “joking” about the idea of killing George W. Bush since ‘way before he even was elected president in 2000 (and yes, he was elected…every recount proved it, get over it). Remember “Snipers wanted,” being flashed onto Bush’s picture on some late-night talk show? Was it Craig Kilborn? I can’t remember the host – he doesn’t matter, anyway – but I remember the event, and I remember the left telling the world to lighten up and get a sense of humor.

Humor. It’s funny to kill a president. We certainly laughed in 1963, didn’t we?

Remembering the “Snipers Wanted” bit makes me realize that this Bush hate on the left is not about Bush. It’s not about Iraq, it’s not about the war on terror, it’s not about tax cuts…it’s not about Bush. It’s about the foot-stomping tantrums of the perpetually adolescent who – even before the 2000 elections – could not bear even the idea of their side being out of power in congress and out of the White House. It has never been about Bush. They’d hate any Republican in that White House just as roundly and completely, on any pretext.

All this time, we thought it might be about something. Now, we realize, all this hate is about nothing but them, and what they want and their childish angst. It is about the delay to the coup they had in place and their frustrations at having to wait and in some cases, rebuild.

I’m beginning to think they deserve the world they want. But I surely don’t, and neither do my kids. Neither does the rest of the world.

I’m appalled…not surprised, but appalled, that Ted Kennedy, who knows what it’s like to lose a beloved family member this way, has not spoken out against this film, if for no other reason than out of decent sympathy for Mrs. Bush and Jenna and Barbara, who cannot rest easy about this, or out of respect for the sensibilities of a former president and former first lady. But no, Ted is silent. He doesn’t want the “compassionate” and “tolerant” folks on the left mad at him. No former co-president is speaking out against this – which would be the decent thing to do – because they need the left, and besides they need to see a poll to know whether this is offensive or not. They only speak out when it is politically expedient to do so and they can’t see effecting a Sister Souljah moment unless it’s a “safe” one.

The docudrama The Path to 9/11 enraged them so much they tried to get it censored, pulled, yanked – they threatened ABC’s broadcast license, because a docudrama “wasn’t accurate…” But this docudrama, they don’t mind it. This time, the docudrama is “compelling art.” The press, too – silent as sympathizers.

Should it be “yanked, pulled or censored?” No. People have the right to say any foolish or dangerous thing they want, except “fire” in a theatre, and that matters. But that doesn’t mean that people who know better – who should know better – whose own lives have needed protection from sick, unstable or dangerous people shouldn’t be speaking up against this merry “Kill Bush” mentality.

It’s all disgusting and they disgust me, right now, too – the far-out-of-their-minds left, and the politicians who pander to them, and the mediafolk who encourage them. Their silence indicts them. And none have ever turned my stomach so completely as they do, now, in that rather satisfied and smug silence. And no, they’ll never grow up.

Betsy reminds us that Chris Matthews, professional big-time journalist, is one of the gleeful belly-laughers.

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  • Ben

    One is tempted to dismiss this sort of garbage with a shrug. After all, the Bush-murder fantasizers do have the right to say what pleases them, however “funny” or “edgy” or “provocative” (or plain offensive) it might be. Life is too short to get worked up about the tastelessness of adolescent jerks.

    But the rest of us, the grown-ups, do need to be clear about the likely effects. Such stuff helps create a space in our culture, an environment in which much worse things can grow.

    I’ve been anxious about the president’s physical safety for some years now. This is a deep unease that is hard to eradicate by reason. Yes, he has the best security in the world. Yes, that security is probably twice as good since 9/11. But there must be some disturbed people out there thinking, “If I were the one who acted, who really did what others are just talking about, what a hero that would make me!” In such an environment, how can these really dangerous people be recognized among the legions who are just playing at a snarky game?

    How I wish the “grown-ups” here included the MSM and the politicians on the left end of the spectrum. Your comments about Ted Kennedy, in particular, are pretty damning.

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  • Leah

    Thank you for clarifing this issue so well. You have a way of stating the obvious. The left being immature is a very accurate statement. Maturity means taking responsiblity, being able to accept the imperfect, either because it is good. Or because in some cases it is the lesser of two evils. The left, and the far right these days are whiny and upset, because they can’t have it ALL their way. On the right, it is the far right, on the left it is everybody.

  • Meem

    Anchoress -

    Call me insane, but I am convinced that much or all of the Bush hatred is rooted in his anti-abortion views (however tepid) and therefore in the fear that he will appoint pro-life Supremes, who will in turn stall the sexual party or maybe even bring it to a screeching halt. No (or restricted) backstop abortion may equal hesitant young women. Wouldn’t want that, would we?
    I truly believe it’s that primal.
    “Moderate” Republicans seem to get far less vicious criticism.

  • http://yargb.blogspot Terrye

    Believe it or not Kevin Kostner came out and said this was a bad thing, like the Anchoress he takes note of Bush’s family.

  • conservative_guy

    This is bloody awful.


    This is why liberals will surely lose in ’08.

  • kelleyb

    I reread the 2005 post you link in this post. I remember it…but when I read it tonight I saw so much more…you have written truth. Thank you..Both are spot on….

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