So, Anchoress, who you voting for? – UPDATED

I’ve been only intermittently interested in this years Weblog Awards. Not that I don’t think they’re fun, and that I don’t appreciate being a finalist (you can vote for me here if you are so inclined), I do, I do! I’ve just been, as I mentioned elsewhere, ridiculously busy and distracted, so much so that I haven’t even been checking in and voting for myself everyday. I haven’t been nagging my husband and kids to vote for me from their computers (so naturally, without my reminding, they don’t!) but it doesn’t really matter; it’s still fun.

I have had a few people ask me who I have voted for, though – here’s a short list.

Best Blog – I’ve mostly voted for Instapundit, because he’s been so good for so long, but to my way of thinking the category is marred for not including Captains Quarters Blog which is – for my money – hands down the best, most balanced, most consistantly well-written blog in the whole ‘sphere.

Best New Blog I have a lot of friends in this category, and have been torn between The Crabitat and the gals at Hang Right Politics. Both great sites, and I’d love to see either of them win!

Best Liberal Blog: Shakespeare’s Sister. Smart site.

Best Conservative Blog: Jam-packed with contenders, but I must vote for the Captain, of course.

Best Centrist Blog: I’m a fan of <a href="" Althouse, but she doesn’t need my vote (and I’m not sure why she was in that category, and not Individual, anyway) and so I’ve been voting for C’est Moi which is a very smart site with a hostess who is a true centerist.

Best Gossip Blog the only one I read is Agent Bedhead who often leaves my jaw on the ground and stirs a morbid curiosity within me.

Best of the top 250: the toughest category loaded with great blogs from both the right and the left. I’ve mostly voted for my favorite foul-mouthed chickadee, Beth, because she’s a great broad!

Best 251-500: Also great blogs here, I finally decided to vote for Betsy Newmark against stiff competition, because I think she’s under-appreciated and always really smart and insightful. Looks like she’s winning, too.

Best of the 5001-6730: Gina Cobb, the girl’s a comer.

Best of the Rest: Dr. Melissa Clouthier. Passionate and succinct.

Gotta dash, I just got one of those phone calls: “I need my black suit for tonight and it’s rolled in a ball in the dry cleaning bag…”

Menfolk make me nuts.

UPDATE: Riehl World View is making a funny last-ditch pitch for votes!

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