NOW let’s start using those straw polls!

I did not see last night’s debate, and for once I wish I had – it sounds like it was a hummer I’ll have to find the video. Mainstream Media coverage of the thing seems much lighter than it has been.

Gateway has a good quick recap. Flopping Aces has one, too and a new site design.

Many seem to agree that Thompson is finally coming into his own.

This video is certainly instructive. The word “woodshed” comes to mind:

I’ve been wailing for a while that the process started “too soon, too early,” but now it looks like it’s getting fun. Now it’s time, I think, to take a second to look down the left sidebar, to the Pajamas Media Straw Poll and vote for the Dem or Republican that you like best for president.

Yes, I know, we had that scary time when people were clicking for Tancredo, and that kind of bored, glassy-eyed time when the things were not being used at all. From now on, take the moment and vote, once a week.

I realize last night must have been very good for Fred Thompson, because he’s jumped way up in the overall numbers to be found at Pajamas Media.

If you’re the analytical, number-crunching type, you can look at this week and compare it to last.

McCain is the guy the press likes most of the GOP brood. I said a week or so ago a week ago:

I’m going to focus on Fred and Rudy. Unless something interesting develops elsewhere, I believe I am currently intrigued most by “Freeman Fred,” who works to please no one and seems almost inconoclastic in his disdain for the excesses of the modern political process, and by “Rudy the Ready” who, as a New Yorker, I know, value and trust.

I’m intrigued with the two of them, and with the idea of a Thompson/Giuliani ticket. If you like the sound of that, it may be time to get out the checkbooks, because I don’t think either campaign is flush with the ready.

It’s nice to finally feel intrigued about something on the GOP side. Vote in the Straw poll, let’s see where we’re at. Wonder how the press will deal with that.

Don Surber responds to one of her favorite themes.

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  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    You ask Thompson a question, and he’ll tell you what he thinks. You ask the others, and they will first try to determine what answer you want to hear and then give that answer (especially the weasel).

    If everyone who likes and prefers Fred would actually support and vote for him, he’d be leading with over 50 percent. But, instead, they have largely ignored him (yes, they have ignored him, it hasn’t been all Fred’s refusal to play the campaign game) and gone along with their second preference merely because they have allowed themselves to be taken in by shallow pandering and by the MSM’s determination of who is “electable.”

  • KIA

    I started out believing the hype that Thompson was lazy (I never knew him from TV, so had no “stary eye” vision of him). That all changed after I watched him debate last Saturday night; was really impressed. I just wish he were more pro life. Just a word of caution. If you/we do go with Thompson, the VP better be ROCK SOLID. Thompson had a type of lymphoma that has more of a chance of recurrance DURING THE NEXT FIVE YEARS, than Cindy Sheehan has of winning the presidency. All said, I can’t deny that Thompson is sounding pretty good, and Huckabee is coming off like an overzealous preacher that we do NOT need in the white house. I’m Catholic, I have a pope. I don’t have nor want, nor will be able to stomach the “preaching from the White House.” Today’s headline on Drudge is EXACTLY what I loath, and America doesn’t need.

  • lsusportsfan


    As someone that has followed Huckabee it was not exactly preaching from the Governor’s Mansion. I am not exactly sure whne Bush makes overtures to the religious right that is ok(however remember how they torched him) and Huckabee is is a overzealous preacher. In fact he has not been a active preacher for 12 years.

    THe fact that you focus on the
    preacher aspect” and not his ten years as GOvernor show me and his supporters that we still have a ways to go.

    As to Thompson, I like him. However I am not so sure his lack of campaigning a lot has been a media thing. He had a good performance even though I think it is was three way tie between McCain, THompson, and Huckabee.. THompson performace though in the ned helps McCain I feel.

    So we shall see. As Huckabee said Ronald Reagan could not have passed the THomposn test or the test of many conservatives where raising gas taxes a penny to pay for roads is now some sort of liberalism. In fact Reagan did not in 76 now that I think about it.

    Anyway, I still think it will be a two way race between McCain and Hucklabee in South Carolina with McCain be very strong.

    Rudy is a mystery to me. It seems like he is banking on FLorida. And like I said before despite 4 cable news channels and where people are voting right at this second and have been for weeks I have no clue how he or anybody else is doing.

    I do think that it shows the process works. However South Carolina we then go to super Priamries and the hopefuls appearing at cities airports and just doing ads. Which I know has to happen. However I have enjoyed how the process is working out so far

  • driver

    I agree about the appeal of a possible Thompson/Giuliani ticket (or the other way ’round). Like you, I haven’t been watching the debates or making donations, but yes, the time has probably arrived.

  • newton

    I knew it! I knew it!

    Something told me for a good long time not to discount Fred Thompson. I have heard the things he said before and I liked it. A lot. After I saw what I saw last night, I was jumping for joy!

    On the point of getting a solidly healthy VP, I totally agree.

    The media obviously want for McCain or Huckabee to win, because they want to weaken the GOP and the conservative movement. That has been obvious to me from the get-go. Hopefully, SC will crumble their plans!

    I can only hope.

  • Terrye

    I don’t think Thompson will make it. I am not sure Giulliani will make it. They both were too laid back for too long. I thought Huckabee held his own in that debate. And btw, I originally supported Thompson.

  • Terrye


    Thomspon is an actor. He has been making his living on NBC for years now. If not for that no one would know who he even is.

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    An interesting posting about the best choice for conservatives –

    Why the GOP is Failing Fred

    he is the best candidate under the “R” banner for us Conservative first people. . . . Yet, he continues to trail. How can this be? It’s simple. The GOP has failed Fred Thompson. The GOP has turned into a club that is more interested in victory than staying true to conservative ideals. They have set their sights on winning elections and are adjusting the party platform to meet that goal. . . .