Take that finger out of my face…

This might be the worst political video ever made.

There is one point in the video where John Leguizamo wags his finger at the camera. My response to that was very bad. Very negative. Wag your finger in my face and I say, “c’mere, let me break that for you…”

This is not the way to win over an Obama-skeptic. Or, you know, thinking human beings..

The video is independent from the Obama campaign, and that’s good, but perhaps Obama should actively disclaim the thing, because it is creepy. Beyond the fact that the pretty woman singing (tunelessly and unintelligibly) looks either profoundly affected, enormously pretentious or stoned, hearing people chant “O-bam-a, O-bam-a” just puts me off. It stinks a bit too much of “dear leader” to me.

I’d bet real money that the people chanting “O-bam-a” have probably been repulsed in the past by chants of “USA! USA!,” too

Ann Althouse takes it apart in detail.

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