Take that finger out of my face…

This might be the worst political video ever made.

There is one point in the video where John Leguizamo wags his finger at the camera. My response to that was very bad. Very negative. Wag your finger in my face and I say, “c’mere, let me break that for you…”

This is not the way to win over an Obama-skeptic. Or, you know, thinking human beings..

The video is independent from the Obama campaign, and that’s good, but perhaps Obama should actively disclaim the thing, because it is creepy. Beyond the fact that the pretty woman singing (tunelessly and unintelligibly) looks either profoundly affected, enormously pretentious or stoned, hearing people chant “O-bam-a, O-bam-a” just puts me off. It stinks a bit too much of “dear leader” to me.

I’d bet real money that the people chanting “O-bam-a” have probably been repulsed in the past by chants of “USA! USA!,” too

Ann Althouse takes it apart in detail.

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  • http://hillaryneedsavacation.blogspot.com/ HNAV

    Bill Clinton seems to wag his finger at everyone and everything…

    I haven’t enjoyed the attempts to keep Hillary alive for the sake of political sabotage. Schemes always tend to burn those who manage the scheme. The loss of the unethical Clinton Ambition on Our National Stage should be welcome for all.

    I called the amazing CAPTAIN for his show, to congratulate his move and hail the fine run with CQ. The focus of the program, before I interrupted with a personal ‘off topic’ celebration as a fan of Captain Ed, was diminishing Mr. Obama.

    It was interesting, yet, I could not help but reference that all the focus on Senator Obama only reminds me of the weak offering of Senator McCain. I was polite, and did not wish to dwell on this issue, as the call was sincerely interested in commending the Captain.

    However, I sense the recent focus of many pundits from the Right, trying to diminish Senator Obama, hoping to keep Hillary alive in the Race, is just another sign of the insecurity over the McCain Candidacy. If the Beltway Insider, the Senator of 24 Years, cannot defeat a newcomer without any record of any kind, he probably shouldn’t be in the running.

    But then again, John McCain’s refusal to distance himself from the anti-Catholic John Hagee is just another example of why he remains severely lacking.

    It is truly embarrassing, in my book, to see such regretful Candidates for the most powerful Office in Our Nation.

    I don’t know what the Keating 5 Member could do to turn me around, but lies about voting against tax cuts, refusing to pour water over the faces of terrorists to keep Americans safe, believing Hillary Clinton would make a good President, pushing gasoline taxation to address global warming, a bitter, unstable, volatile demeanor, etc., is not helping.

    We shall see…

  • http://www.pal2pal.com/BLOGEE Pal2Pal

    I had the exact same reaction, right down to stoned girl. I wrote a couple of days ago: “The following video ad is just plain creepy. Starting with the opening scene and the young woman who looks stoned out of her mind, check the eyes, and then all that religious-like chanting makes it creepy right off the bat…”

    This whole messiah attitude about Obama I find to be off putting and rather offensive.

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com/ Bender B. Rodriguez

    I’d bet real money that the people chanting “O-bam-a” have probably been repulsed in the past by chants of “USA! USA!,” too.

    I don’t understand this comment. While the old folks among them most likely were repulsed in the past, what struck me like a 2×4 between the eyes in watching one of Obama’s rallies was the crowd loudly chanting “USA! USA! USA!” as if they were at the 1980 U.S.-Russia hockey game. Chanting “USA” at a Dem rally is just something you don’t hear every day (or ever) — until now. It was then that I knew that there was something different here — that this is not necessarily your usual “blame America first” crowd.

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  • Mommynator

    As I noted on another blog, this is not a political campaign – it’s a religious revival a la Elmer Gantry and just as nausea making.

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  • http://thecatholiclibertarian.blogspot.com amcalabrese

    Anchoress — you mean you are only NOW starting to get creeped out by the Obama campaign? I am expecting any moment an Obama supporter will tell me that the deaf hear, the lame walk and the blind see when Obama’s shadow touches them.

    I have been a McCain supporter for years (I volunteered on his 2000) campaign. The concerns I have about Obama are teh same that I had about Bush in 2000. But I agree with HNAV, if McCain cannot beat Obama, McCain does not deserve to be president.

  • Mommynator

    For some satire about that very thing – Obama healing and all that – check out http://www.larknews.com

    It’s satire, just so you understand, in The Onion vein.

  • jkrank

    Four years ago, John Edwards was promising that the lame would walk when he became President…what with stem-cells “proven” healing abilities.

    But now, he is forgotten, not even a strong third place.

    In a way, I feel sorry for Hillary!, because she knows what her party does with failures.

    In a cult of personality, failure is death. If Obama does not win the Presidency this year, this time, he will be buried, a non-person. He will not rise again…

    …when I watched the video, one woman remarked that Obama was their candidate, not the “candidate of the top 10%, lobbyists, etc. etc. boilerplate boilerplate” as opposed to previous incarnations of “Change” (Edwards? Kerry? Gore? Howard Dean, anyone?). I’m willing to bet that 4 years from now the same will be said of the New Candidate, whomever he or she may be…as opposed to “that loser Obama.”

  • http://www.lindseyrussell.com russelllindsey

    The whole Obama campaign has bothered me from the beginning, but I’m truly scared of what would happen if he won the Presidency. This video is creepy beyond words. He is so unproven that I would much rather have Hillary (as much as I can’t stand the Clintons). At least with Hillary, we would know what to expect.

  • http://none Darrell

    Look at ME, Barack! It’s all for YOU!

    I expect any day to see people hanging themselves like in “The Omen.”

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