Demographic Winter

Yesterday I linked to the trailer for Ben Stein’s upcoming documentary, entitled, “Expelled.”

Thanks to my pal Shana today I link you to a trailer that Mark Steyn and others writing on on both sides of the demographic debates might find interesting: a flick called Demographic Winter.

Let me say upfront, I think the soundtrack is a bit melodramatic and over-the-top – way too many apocalyptic ahhh’s for my taste – and I am not sure I respond favorably to any of the talking heads involved. There is one gentleman who seems extremely uncomfortable on camera and he makes me squirm, too, but it has been suggested to me that some of his discomfort may stem from his being a scientist offering an unpopular thesis – perhaps he belongs in the Stein film.

In any case, the website has a good Q & A section that puts things more into perspective, and the topic itself is extremely compelling: how did societies get so caught up in a mindset of cultural and national self-disintegration? Is this a product of propaganda, self-loathing, materialism or some combination of many factors? Will economies collapse due to the birth dearth?

I put it out there for discussion.

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  • Terrye

    The fear that we will lose our heritage and be bred out of existence is not new, I found the following to be interesting, given the speech was given in 1925:

    At the turn of the 20th century, unprecedented levels of immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe to the United States aroused public support for restrictive immigration laws. After World War I, which temporarily slowed immigration levels, anti-immigration sentiment rose again. Congress passed the Quota Act of 1921, limiting entrants from each nation to 3 percent of that nationality’s presence in the U.S. population as recorded by the 1910 census. As a result, immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe dropped to less than one-quarter of pre-World War I levels. Even more restrictive was the Immigration Act of 1924 (Johnson-Reed Act) that shaped American immigration policy until the 1960s. While it passed with only six dissenting votes, congressional debates over the Johnson-Reed Act revealed arguments on both sides of this question of American policy and national identity. For example, on April 8, 1924, Robert H. Clancy, a Republican congressman from Detroit with a large immigrant constituency, defended the “Americanism” of Jewish, Italian, and Polish immigrants and attacked the quota provisions of the bill as racially discriminatory and “un-American.”

    Since the foundations of the American commonwealth were laid in colonial times over 300 years ago, vigorous complaint and more or less bitter persecution have been aimed at newcomers to our shores. Also the congressional reports of about 1840 are full of abuse of English, Scotch, Welsh immigrants as paupers, criminals, and so forth.

    Old citizens in Detroit of Irish and German descent have told me of the fierce tirades and propaganda directed against the great waves of Irish and Germans who came over from 1840 on for a few decades to escape civil, racial, and religious persecution in their native lands.

    The “Know-Nothings,” lineal ancestors of the Ku-Klux Klan, bitterly denounced the Irish and Germans as mongrels, scum, foreigners, and a menace to our institutions, much as other great branches of the Caucasian race of glorious history and antecedents are berated to-day. All are riff-raff, unassimilables, “foreign devils,” swine not fit to associate with the great chosen people—a form of national pride and hallucination as old as the division of races and nations.

    But to-day it is the Italians, Spanish, Poles, Jews, Greeks, Russians, Balkanians, and so forth, who are the racial lepers. And it is eminently fitting and proper that so many Members of this House with names as Irish as Paddy’s pig, are taking the floor these days to attack once more as their kind has attacked for seven bloody centuries the fearful fallacy of chosen peoples and inferior peoples. The fearful fallacy is that one is made to rule and the other to be abominated. . . .

    In this bill we find racial discrimination at its worst—a deliberate attempt to go back 84 years in our census taken every 10 years so that a blow may be aimed at peoples of eastern and southern Europe, particularly at our recent allies in the Great War—Poland and Italy.

    Jews In Detroit Are Good Citizens

    Of course the Jews too are aimed at, not directly, because they have no country in Europe they can call their own, but they are set down among the inferior peoples. Much of the animus against Poland and Russia, old and new, with the countries that have arisen from the ruins of the dead Czar’s European dominions, is directed against the Jew.

    We have many American citizens of Jewish descent in Detroit, tens of thousands of them—active in every profession and every walk of life. They are particularly active in charities and merchandising. One of our greatest judges, if not the greatest, is a Jew. Surely no fair-minded person with a knowledge of the facts can say the Jews or Detroit are a menace to the city’s or the country’s well-being. . . .

  • Terrye

    The problem with people like Mark Steyn is that they assume the present will simply morph into the future in larger numbers. The birth rates will remain exactly as they are. Assimilation will not take place. etc. The truth is it is the same kind of thing we used to hear from the population explosion people who said that by now we should all be starving in the dark because world population would outpace food and resource production. They looked at things as they were and simply took them on a straight line into the future assuming there would be no disruptions to the status quo. But of course there were, there always is.