Demographic Winter

Yesterday I linked to the trailer for Ben Stein’s upcoming documentary, entitled, “Expelled.”

Thanks to my pal Shana today I link you to a trailer that Mark Steyn and others writing on on both sides of the demographic debates might find interesting: a flick called Demographic Winter.

Let me say upfront, I think the soundtrack is a bit melodramatic and over-the-top – way too many apocalyptic ahhh’s for my taste – and I am not sure I respond favorably to any of the talking heads involved. There is one gentleman who seems extremely uncomfortable on camera and he makes me squirm, too, but it has been suggested to me that some of his discomfort may stem from his being a scientist offering an unpopular thesis – perhaps he belongs in the Stein film.

In any case, the website has a good Q & A section that puts things more into perspective, and the topic itself is extremely compelling: how did societies get so caught up in a mindset of cultural and national self-disintegration? Is this a product of propaganda, self-loathing, materialism or some combination of many factors? Will economies collapse due to the birth dearth?

I put it out there for discussion.

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