What we don't know is a lot.

Dr Melissa Clouthier has a great post up about amazing people and nearly miraculous things. I urge you to go read it; my favorite part was this astounding video of what an autistic man can draw by memory after a 45 minute helicopter tour of Rome.

We humans are wonderously, gloriously made, and for all we think we know, I don’t think we understand a bare tenth of what makes us the creatures we are, about ourselves, our brains, our spirits and our beings.

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    Many years ago, perhaps as far back as 1988, there was a program about “idiot savants” on one of the American TV networks. I remember two of the subjects. One was man who was in his 40s who, after decades of silence, began to play the piano and sing song after song that he’d heard on the radio all his life.

    The other was a man whose widowed father took him to Vatican City to see Pope John Paul II. When they returned home, the son began to paint the scene at St. Peter’s Square, including all the people in the crowd between him and the Pope. It was the most amazing thing, especially when compared it to photos taken that day. He had captured the colours of clothing for every individual.

    Thanks for the link to the video of Dr. Bolte Taylor, because that was very fascinating. You find such interesting things!