Palin brings GOP Flavor in '08 – UPDATED

Last night, my Li’l Bro Thom and I were wondering about McCain’s pick and I said, “it has to be Palin, the GOP cannot put McCain and some boring middle-manager type against Obama. Obama is too glamorous; he’s so glamorous that he could afford put Biden on his ticket, because he didn’t need more glamor! Palin, please! She’s smart, she’s feisty, she has at least as much experience as Obama, and hers is executive, she can speak without a teleprompter, and she will bring energy to the whole race.”

Someone reminded me today of what I wrote two years ago:

The next GOP candidate has to be charismatic, and yes, have a patina, however thin, of ethnicity. John Kerry and Al Gore were the last two button-downed-droning-mainline-protestant types we’re going to see as serious candidates for a long time, I think. And to be honest, Kerry was so insecure and phony, and Gore was so nakedly crazed by the end of his 2000 campaign, that their weirdnesses stood in the place of ethnicity, which is probably the wrong word. Perhaps the word I want is “flavor.” President Bush is WASP but with a twinge of cowboy and plain-folks about him that is appealing. A staid, respectable white fellow with no twinge of flavor is going to die out there. He’s everyone’s competent project manager, but no one’s CEO. Again, who has got flavor in the GOP? Rudy. Rice. Romney has a little because he is exotically Mormon, but as I said, I suspect that flavor will not travel well. In a world where “It’s Hard Out There for a Pimp” is an award-winning song, a candidate has to bring more to the party than the dependability of a Maytag washer.

Palin brings some flavor. Thankfully. And flipping ’round the cable channels, oy, the press looks really, really unhappy. Andrea Mitchell sounds pained.

Gateway Pundit is finding the first negatives in the press.

UPDATE: Someone just emailed me that McCain has “made a cynical move nominating not the best for the job, but the most appealing.”

Geez, be careful there, friend. You open yourself to the question of whether the Democrats did not also make “a cynical move, nominating not the best for the job, but the most appealing.” Unless, of course, you’re ready to make the argument that Obama is truly better qualified to be president than Biden, Chris Dodd or, you know, Hillary.

The Democrats have to be careful, now, and so does the press. Much of what they’d like to say about Palin – about age, experience, identity politics, etc – will only open the door to similar inquiry about Obama. And the bottom line to those sorts of debates will always be this: Palin is at the bottom of the ticket; Obama is at the top. Talk Left is wisely trying to warn them.

Ed Morrissey talks competence.

Apparently the PUMA’s are excited.

Ace has the first hates and more. Interestingly, people who say women can do anything and should not be tied down, suddenly think Palin should be home raising her children.
Jimmie Bise is looking around and making some smart observations.
NY POST: Pictures!

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  • saveliberty

    I am very happy.

    This flies in the face of the myth that progressives are the only agents of change.

  • newton

    I can just see from a few articles that Sarah Palin takes zero BS from anyone. Besides, does she really need to have foreign policy experience? I thought the President does. She gets that on-the-job, so to speak.

    She’s the American Woman painted by Tocqueville in Democracy in America.

  • DWiss

    Either McCain is a genius or his handlers are. He’s just out Obama’d Obama. It would thrill me no end for Sarah Palin to become the first female president, eventually, which is what she’ll be teed up for if the republicans win. McCain’s stock just went up!

  • Stephanie M

    I am 34 years old and as a military member (now a reservist and SAHM), I had more experience BEFORE I WAS 30 leading people (size of a major corporation) and managing large quantities of resources ($1B) than Obama has at 47. Seriously, and I know I’m preaching to the choir and not telling you anything you don’t know, but as the First Woman of a STATE (and as the mayor of a city), she has far, far, far more experience leading, organizing, managing, making budgets work, manuevering through bipartisan waters (and the sharks apparently in Republican waters up there), and making decisions under pressure than Obama has, even though her tenures have been relatively short (longer than Obama’s! At anything! He has not shown stick-to-it-iveness on anything he’s ever done. Not 4 years running in any job???) Far more. It’s the primary reason I would NEVER vote for Obama. He’s an empty suit with no experience–a would-be emperor without any clothes. Forget the identity politics. Oh, and Palin is a great mom with a great marriage and great values and a great, no-nonsense, get ‘er done attitude. What more could you ask for? Oh, and is she EVER a role model for me and my two daughters!!!

  • irascibleChef

    Brilliant! Simply Brilliant!

    Open Letter to John McCain:

    Dear John,

    I would like to take this time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this blessed day! The day Republicans, once again, took the lead on REAL CHANGE. CHANGE that we can count on! By making a woman your Vice Presidential running mate you are paving the way for women around the world, busting up glass ceilings, letting women everywhere know their voice is being heard and there’s nothing we cannot do or be!

    After all this is about ideas! And compromise… Not about Dogmatic Ideology!
    Conservatives have been shouting Sarah Palin’s name for some time now! Someone listened.

    BO’s mistakes surely expose his inexperience! The future holds: the neo-anointed-one wears no clothes—the media, celebrities, the “news” people all wearing egg…


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  • Piano Girl

    People used the “no experience” for Clarence Thomas, as well, and look at what a great member of the SCOTUS he has turned out to be…the democrats hate him! I predict that Gov. Palin will be a very quick study…if her acceptance speech today is any indication of what comes out of her brain, we are lucky, indeed, that McCain had the guts to pick her. I am beyond pleased at this choice!

  • Joseph

    I certainly welcome her and think that it will be interesting to get to know her. I would speak only two words of caution. Early yesterday morning I believe John McCain stated in an interview that he had not yet made his VP decision. The night before “unofficial but high placed sources” were claiming that he had indeed made it. Everybody doesn’t seem to have been on the same page with this one. Little hints like this suggest that this decision may have been made on short notice and in direct reaction to events at the DNC.

    This does not make it a bad decision, but it does call into question how much serious prior attention Ms. Palin received. Because of this, I paid very close attention to John McCain at Ms. Palin’s introduction. If any of you have it taped, you might replay it and do this, too. If you do, you might get a hint of just how risky he thinks this decision really is.

    Second, “having the right values” is certainly a strong draw for those people who also have them, but I think it can be safely said that people “with the right values” are not that likely to have voted Democratic in the first place. McCain is sufficiently far away from a popular majority at the moment that he needs to persuade an awful lot of people who don’t quite have “the right values” to vote for him. One of the serious mistakes I think people with “the right values” made after the 2004 election was that because a popular majority voted for George W. Bush, that same popular majority must be the “real” Americans who all have “the right values”. The results of 2006 didn’t quite bear that out.

    Ms. Palin’s ultimate effectiveness will probably require considerable subtlety and reserve in her presentation of just how right her “right values” are.

  • rcareaga

    I am delighted at the news.

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