Palin: Bad Mother, Bad Woman

What in the world has happened to liberal/Democrat values in the last 48 hours? It seems like the appearance of Sarah Palin on the GOP ticket has caused an immediate disintegration of all of the hard-fast rules and values that have been preached at us ‘lo these many years.

Palin was not a half hour in the ring, when a male reporter wondered, “Shouldn’t she be home raising” that Down Syndrome baby. He needed to be reminded by a female reporter that a male politician would not be asked that question, especially when there was a loving spouse in support.

Then, Alan Colmes posted (and apparently immediately took down) a piece basically questioning Sarah Palin’s instincts as a mother (does he even have children?) because she, a month before her due date, and far away from her doctor, did not immediately fall apart when she noticed some amniotic fluid leaking.

This not being her first pregnancy, Palin did what a prudent, experienced woman who knows her own body would do; she called her own doctor, kept him apprised and did not panic. She made a scheduled speech, traveled home and went to the doctor.

The left is going to try to run with this? If Palin had a “D” after her name, she’d be praised for her calm, collected manner in the situation and we’d hear how it reflects how steady she would be “a heartbeat away from the presidency”, and we would all know, because everyone would keep saying it, that – of course she would have seen a doctor had she needed to – but every woman wants HER doctor with her when she delivers, if it’s possible.

People seem to forget that women managed to birth their children – and gain some wisdom about the process – long before hospitals and the AMA were around.

The left will try to make hay about Palin’s judgment. Most women will say, however, that Palin trusted what she knew about her body, and in God.

The left seems terrified of Palin, (and with good reason; even Camille Paglia knows Palin is formidable, as she said of Palin’s first, teleprompter-free speech here):

“We may be seeing the first woman president. As a Democrat, I am reeling…That was the best political speech I have ever seen delivered by an American woman politician. Palin is as tough as nails.”

Actually the Dems and their women are ready to make hay about everything they can think of, but with every issue they open a mirror reflecting back to themselves. My email is full of “talking points” about the evil that is Sarah Palin, but I like the comment left in another post, by a “fab forty” woman who sees terrible, terrible things in Alaska’s governor. And, it goes without saying, John McCain.

Palin does not need my help addressing the feminists; she can easily pivot in those great shoes, but I’ll help, anyway.

There are press releases that spout how great it is that Palin was back at work, as Governor, the day after delivering her youngest child… but, that child is severely disabled! Seems she’s more interested in the photo op than her responsibilities. As a special ed. teacher, I’m appalled that she is leaving her youngest child, an infant with special needs, to a nanny to raise while she romps around the country to become VP. VP is not a ‘job’ it is your entire life… these are the “Family Values” she espouses?!? Having the income to hire a household staff is not the same as being a ‘working mom;’ it is simply managing a business. In addition, she is under investigation for an Ethics violation (abuse of power); she was for the “Bridge to Nowhere,” in a 2006 interview; then when it became a political liability she flip-flopped over to voice opposition for the project, and she owns three houses, but doesn’t apparently count two of them as they’re only vacation homes… whose the elitist? Every move she’s ever made has been to attain ‘fame,’ not to be in politics for service to the country, (beauty pageants, journalism, sports announcing, politics). No wonder McCain likes her – it’s someone just like him. I look at her and see “Handmaid’s Tale.”

I think she covered most of the talking points in that, so, I responded (slightly amended):

Comments are moderated, and that is why you were in a holding pattern. No need to keep posting the same thing. I see you have all of your talking points. I have a lot of folks on the left moralizing to me today about how Mrs. Palin needs to be home raising her child. Quite extraordinary, really. The same people who say they are all about CHOICE, and who say we should have government-sponsored day care so that moms can immediately go back to work are having issues with Palin’s choice.

Palin has chosen to raise Trig – his name is Trig, not “that child” – the same way she raised the rest of her family: with the support of her husband, Trig’s siblings and “grandparents aunts and uncles.” You know…the way kids used to be raised, with the help of the whole FAMILY, not the village. Suddenly a woman with children and ambitions and ideas who actually chooses to pursue a career is a “bad” mother, “traipsing” around the country. She should be home “having teas and baking cookies,” as Hillary sneered, I guess? Is that it?

See, that’s the problem with the left preaching to us all these years…we’ve listened to them and now we’re simply reminding you of all the things you used to believe…because suddenly it seems you’ve forgotten!

As a “special ed teacher” you probably know that the best environment for a Downs Syndrome baby is in a supportive family, one that does not treat the child any differently than the rest of the brood. Growing up, we had two DS babies in the neighborhood (bad Catholics, you know, having babies into their forties) and both boys were simply “part of the family” and part of the gangs. They played with us, they did the dishes and helped with chores; they were not “severely disabled.” They were just different.

Oh, and so the Palins have a few houses? How horrible of them. Did they buy the houses themselves or did they have Tony Rezko help them out? How many houses did John Kerry marry into? That never bothered you, I bet? How many houses do the Clintons own? I know of at least two, the mansion in Georgetown, and the house in Chappaqua they hardly use, which gives Hillary her NYS residency, and supposedly they’re building one in the Dominican Republic. I don’t begrudge them any of their good fortune…why do you begrudge the Palins theirs? And what do houses owned have to do with competency?

Let’s see…what else are you grousing about here…the class-warrior stuff:“Having the income to hire a household staff is not the same as being a ‘working mom;’ it is simply managing a business.”

Oh…and managing a business is easy? Managing a business takes some smarts. Also managing a state. Palin has been a Mayor and a Governor, and she’s “managed a business” to boot. Seems to me she has more executive experience than either Obama or Biden…or even McCain (although he did run a squadron, so that’s something). Think for a moment before you make the “she isn’t a real working mom” charge: Hillary had government staff help her raise her ONE child for the child’s whole life but was a “working mom.” Katie Couric has a staff to help with her TWO children, but she’s a “working mom.”

Oh, the big “Ethics Violation” (capitalized, even) that the left wants to whisper about but not actually discuss…go over to Flopping Aces – but only if you’re really interested in doing more than just acting scandalized, and the facts, the reports and the timelines. Palin wasn’t even governor when the events took place, and -unlike Obama, who wouldn’t even produce his damn birth certificate or actual medical records; unlike Hillary who never met an investigation she could not stall – the investigators didn’t even have to subpoena Palin because she was so forthcoming about the details.

So, you can try to peddle your smear with all this innuendo “oh….an ETHICS violation….ooooooooo” but be aware of the fact that we all know that William Jefferson is still in congress even though he had $100,000 in his freezer, and Al Gore got his Buddhist nun money because “there was no controlling legal authority”, that Harry Reid has some questionable land deals in Nevada, and so on, and so on, so if you want to play “Ethics Violations” be prepared. I suspect you’ll want to actually pack that one away.

“Every move she’s ever made has been to attain ‘fame,’ not to be in politics for service to the country, (beauty pageants, journalism, sports announcing, politics).”

Oh. My. Gawd. Do I see cat-claws? Palin used her pageant money to go to college because – as she has said – her folks were not rich; her father was a teacher and her mother a secretary. And she studied journalism (gasp!) so, are you saying that all of the great journalist/patriots like Keith Olbermann (who was also a sports announcer) and Cronkite and Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell and the rest – they cannot have a serious love of their country?

If Matthews or Olbermann run for office someday, they shouldn’t because they were “journalists and sports announcers?” Is that really what you’re telling me, after all?

“No wonder McCain likes her – it’s someone just like him. I look at her and see “Handmaid’s Tale.”

Oh! A literary allusion! How impressive. I am not sure how you relate Palin choosing to have a large family and accomplishing a great deal on her own – without coattails and such – with a story about women who are repressed and kept down, whose children are provided by obedient handmaids, and whose husbands are controlling freaks. But I suspect that deep down inside you, you are desperate – really desperate – to repeat the DU/Kos dementia that Palin actually is claiming Trig as the child of her daughter, (who had been raped by her father) but you know better to go there, because you are decent enough to know how incredibly sick that whole line of thought is. THAT is the only reason, I can think of for you alluding to The Handmaid’s Tale.

Funny, I look at Sarah Palin and think more of the feminist film “Nine to Five”. I look at her, and I see everything that someone like you, or your political party, has told women they ought to strive to be. You and your party have told us, over and over (and quite rightly) that women should be respected for the choices they make and the opportunities they bravely take, but you suddenly – when confronted with such a woman tagged with the wrong letter after her name – seem to be made ill by those things.

I look at Palin and I see a REAL “working” mom, one who actually worked “with her hands” – she and her husband BOTH were union members and BOTH commercial fishermen – a person who got involved and, because of her smarts and passion, (not because of her marriage or her connections) she progressed to the highest office in her state, all while raising a family.

But even before I see her womanhood, I see her well thought-out policies, I see her priorities. I see her not just talking the talk, but walking the walk.

I know you’re all about the identity-politics; the race card, the gender card, but I’m really more interested in Palin’s policies than her periods. And the talking points you’ve sent to me seem pretty lame. Politically pubescent.

Thanks for stopping by. When you have more talking points, just drop them in the queue and they’ll be duly posted.

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  • saveliberty

    Bender B. Rodriguez, you make an excellent point!

    John Adams said, after reading and appreciating “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine, that it is far easier to tear something down than to build something up. Adams was a man of his word; he did build something up.

  • igout

    Anchoress, I can’t resist teasing you here. Your retreat didn’t last long, did it? Glad you’re back in this dirty fallen old world with your dukes up.
    Anyway, you have more clout upstairs than I, so could you put in a prayer for me that our Sarah scorns these whispering eunuchs into the dirt?

    [I tried to hang on to the retreat, I really did. But my sense of justice outweighed my need for peace. - admin]

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  • pbuchta

    BTW I know that this is getting off this topic here, but to conclude, Dub’ya and Cheney decided to let the locals handle this one. (I guess since they weren’t Republicans. How Partisan! How Typical of ‘Tricky Dick’ Cheney!)

    Secondly, and more importantly, I applaud Sarah’s decision to have Trig. I can associate having an IVF daughter. I also believe in clear cut solutions to clear cut problems. I also believe in Douglas W. Kmiec’s views regarding abortion. He presents a clear cut case in dealing with the problems associated thereof. As you all well know as a constitutional scholar who headed the Office of Legal Counsel under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Mr. Kmiec was well known as an articulate opponent of abortion. It would be worthwhile reading yesterday’s article in the NY Times before pinning the Scarlet A on anyone. I am a clearcut FDR democrat, but will not put up with all of the tom foolery of the Republican party over the last 8 years.

    [I am not sure I understand your point about Katrina. The Mayor of NOLA, then and now, was and is Ray Nagin - Democrat. The Governor of LA then was Kathleen Blanco - "D" now it is Bobby Jindal, "R".

    Both Ray Nagin and Kathleen Blanco admitted that President Bush called them days in advance of Katrina asking them to please evacuate. He asked Blanco to PLEASE call out the Nat'l Guard (her jurisdiction, not his) but she did not do that until after the stormfall. I'm not sure what your reference to Bush and "tricky Dick" is. While the Feds could have been better organized for Katrina, the province in emergencies is always local, then state, then Fed. For Gustav, Nagin had apparently learned his lessons, and Jindal was much more in control and pro-active than Blanco was. Bush was in contact with both Mayors and Gov's before both storms. But you know what? Whatever...the narrative is set, and facts won't change it. As to Kmeic, his piece didnot impress me, but then I have a very different take on the idea of qualifiying a justification for abortion. And finally - if you're an FDR Democrat (like my parents) then I can't imagine you WOULD like the GOP very much! :-) - admin]

  • pbuchta

    Modern FDR Democrats are nothing like our parents FDR Democrats, though we share the same beliefs. FDR Democrats have been pushing the Republicans in office the last 8 years. Look up the modern terminology. They shoot guns, hate abortion, and represent the American rural middle class the last 20 years. Support the poor. Provide for those who cannot provide for themselves. Wary of big business machines as supported by the Republicans. They are also wise to the fact that Republicans have been using FDR Democratic values as a facade to represent them in the last 2 presidential elections. My proof? Take a look at the economy. Never has the difference been greater from the ultra rich and middle class in America. The voters in Alaska are FDR Democrats. They just don’t realize it yet because they think that the Republicans are working in their best interests.

    And what did FEMA do during Katrina??? I guess that it was full of political republican favorite appointees so no one was professional enough to know what to do or who to tell. Sort of like putting Blanco between a rock and a hard place. Sure part of the blame lay with her slow response but her slow response was due to a lack of reliable information from the feds.

    Here’s Kmeic’s article. I’ll let the readers judge for themselves.

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  • oldtowncoldspring

    I wrote this before Sarah and Todd Palin announced that Bristol is indeed 5 months pregnant, going to keep her child and marry the father. As far as I am concerned the following is still valid:

    The Democratic Slime Machine has been put into overdrive. It seems that McCain’s selection of a strong, independent, accomplished woman as his VP running mate has scared the hell out of Obama’s thugs….YES….I said thugs! Reports of threats and demands for representatives to ‘step down’ at the Democratic Convention because they were having second thoughts about Obama…puts Obama’s operatives in the ‘THUG’ department. Whether Obama is responsible for this type of behavior or not…I do not know…but it is typical of “the streets of Chicago”, where he has spent the past 20 years. I have also observed that several early video clips of Obama speaking his mind have been forcefully removed from the Internet.

    The latest bit of slime is aimed at Palin’s oldest daughter and the new baby, Trig. These rumors appear to have originated in Alaska, Palin’s home state. No one is going to accomplish the things she has without ruffling a few feathers. And, from all appearances some of those feathers needed quite a bit of ruffling. The big ‘scandal’ is that Trig is not Sarah Palin’s child, but rather that of her daughter. To that bit of ‘information’ I have only one statement: SO WHAT IF IT WERE TRUE? What difference would it make? Neither of the children is running for office! A child was born and that child is being cared for by a loving family. That is absolutely all of the information the public needs on that subject!

    The Obama operatives want to see a birth certificate because the birth certificate of Obama has been challenged. Obama is running for office and the question of his birth is a legitimate question about whether he is even legally eligible to be President of the United States. As I understand it Obama traveled on a Indonesian passport to Pakistan when he was 20. If American citizenship was no question then why was he not traveling on a United States Passport?

    John McCain has taken two items off of the discussion table:
    Government Experience

    Both sides have someone young with very little government experience and both sides have someone older with years of government experience. In fact both sides have a history making person on their ticket. The only logical thing that is left for any responsible discussion is that of what the issues are and where each person stands on those issues. What is so scary about that?

    The American people need to know who you are, what leadership abilities you have and what you intend to do for this country if elected. Palin has been on the scene less than a week and has been forthcoming with who she is, her ability to lead and what she wants to do in office. McCain has never made any guessing game out of who he is, his leadership abilities or what he wants to accomplish if elected. You may not always agree with John McCain but you never have to wonder where he stands.

    On the other hand I for one am not sure of Obama’s origin, his ability to accomplish anything other than he has a way with words…shall I call it a silver tongue? I also am not sure just what it is that Obama wants to accomplish if elected. One of the videos that was forcefully removed from the Internet was Obama talking about all of the things he was going to do to effectively disarm the United States…I have a real problem with that one.

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  • Katy

    In addressing the topic of Sarah Palin’s attributes as a mother, I’d like to indicate that I had an unwed pregnancy at age 21 in 1968. Even though the pregnancy resulted from a rape(from the person I was dating at the time)–which my daughter is unaware of. I found myself personally incapable of having an abortion at that time, so I chose, with complete ostracism from my Catholic family, to have my baby and return with her to college. I, as many other persons alarmed at the prospect of Palin in a national executive position, am not at all concerned about what is essentially a private matter for her daughter. The ‘mud’ is about the hypocrisy of Sarah Palin’s behavior. Palin’s own comments and obviously documented self-centered recklessness in regard to her infant’s safety have generated the so-called slinging of slime.

    You state above: “This not being her first pregnancy, Palin did what a prudent, experienced woman who knows her own body would do; she called her own doctor, kept him apprised and did not panic. She made a scheduled speech, traveled home and went to the doctor” even though you indicated that you knew she had to board an airplane for a 6-8 hour flight which constituted her ‘travel home’ and delivered several hours afterward. Had it been a short drive home with easy access to the type of medical care to protect her premature, Down Syndrome child, then it would have been the action of a prudent person. Any woman who has had any, let alone four, children knows that amniotic fluid leakage means a rupture of membranes and the need for immediate antibiotics to protect the fetus–obviously not available on the plane, but certainly at a hospital close to where she delivered the speech in Texas. The danger to the child was compounded by the prematurity of this rupture, Palin’s age, and the physical compromises of a DS infant(most persons know of the mental limitations but there are cardiac and other abnormalities associated with it, which is why it is a ‘syndrome’).

    Also, most women who have had four children know that symptoms vary during different pregnancies, and, if she knew her body so well, she obviously chose to fly when she was in imminent need of a delivery, as that is what occurred after landing. Most ‘prudent’ persons wouldn’t have even flown to Texas to begin with–she was at the full limit of time that almost all MDs–except her unlocatable at present one–would recommend not traveling via air for a normal pregnancy, let alone a high risk one, but she gushed on about how SHE wanted to deliver the speech. It seems that she was more concerned about her needs to deliver a speech that her child’s need for a safe delivery. This is the issue that those who consider her less than admirable as a mother are concerned about. If she is so reckless with those she claims to care about–what about the rest of us she doesn’t even know? This is about self-centered narcissism as well as poor judgment–she’s clearly quite narcissistic, but even some narcissists have better judgment.

    This is not a ‘party’ issue–John Edwards demonstrated what I consider similar behavior and poor judgment and I think his political career is finished as a result. Clinton faced impeachment for his peccadilloes. Similar to these two, Palin is on news video lying and later contradicting herself. At least her character flaws are apparent prior to election and I don’t think the fact that Palin is female should shield her from the fallout. I, personally, am absolutely terrified at the prospect of her filling in as President.

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  • Katy

    Interesting–no refutation of my points–just sarcasm and the use of a label which has never been applied to me before, and I’m 62. (Since there is absolutely nothing in my post that can be described as ‘feminist’, I’d love to know your rationale for saying this…because I was alive in the ’60s, or because it was your only method for dismissing my views?)

    The behavior I described could hardly be refuted, since it is the account Sarah Palin gave herself of the events.

    As far as this behavior being of national importance–it is, for two reasons:

    Many candidates use a platform to advance themselves politically which they promptly abandon on election–especially when it is to the highest elective level–unless perhaps, there is a massive financial incentive post-office to enact supportive legislation. Given this, which history supports, it is important to scrutinize a candidate’s true commitment before election. Palin’s acts do not support her words when she is willing to jeopardize the life her own unborn baby for political expediency.

    When a candidate has such a brief and sketchy history, what is available needs to be scrutized as carefully as possible. At present there has been an attempt to portray her as against federal handouts, including the ‘bridge to nowhere’, when, in reality, she had been all for them. Since the GOP campaign needed a ‘pro-life’ candidate, she has had a political motive to present in this direction, while her behavior, on many levels, does not support either concern for the unborn or love for her family. Words are easy, and in politics usually scripted by skilled writers. It’s far more important to examine actions, i.e., behavior.

    The US is in a critical state right now. Whoever is elected will have to have more than pandering skills to start correcting the multiple crises. Something is not right about Palin’s inconsistencies in words and actions, and you can ignore this in haste and joy at someone who seems to support your beliefs and repent at leisure.

    [Take a look at my blog and the amount of work I'm doing and ask yourself if I have time to make a point-by-point refutation of talking points in a days-old post when I'm moving on and addressing those "irrefutable points" in all sorts of posts. Sorry, Katy, you'll have to go into my archives or something, because while I DO engage in debate with commenters when I have time, I really don't have time to answer everyone. You're free to comment. Other commenters may or may not respond to you depending on where you're commenting and when. I'm not sure how I've "offended" you since I haven't even "responded" to you except in the blog piece, and I didn't identify you; you've identified yourself. Of course candidates need to be scrutinized. But this is not scrutiny. It's character assassination, it began within an HOUR of her being introduced to the country, and it has been demented. So, I am not feeling quite in charity with noble lectures about "scrutiny." When we see serious "scrutiny" about Obama and Ayers, about what Obama did in his 140 days in congress, etc, etc, then maybe things will balance out. Right now, I find it difficult to believe that you do not find the endless and endlessly nasty "Trig is Bristol's baby" very anti-woman stuff you're seeing thrown at Palin to be "scrutiny." Let's talk about her policies and what she's done in Alaska, not her uterus, can we do that? Let's talk about whether or not she has - with all those children - capably run a state that borders Russia and Canada and is important to our energy plans. Can we do THAT?

    "Brief and sketchy history?" Obama strongarmed people off the IL ballot, voted "present" 130 times in the IL Legislature and then served a whopping 140 days in the senate, and you're worried about Palin's "brief and sketchy" history?

    I know all about how "crucial" are the times in which we live. What do you think about this sort of nonsense in the White House? President Bush at his worst never tried to muzzle people this way. This is not about "joy" - and I'm sorry that it seems to bother you so much that I simply think differently than you. We both love the country, okay? But if Palin "chills" you because "something is off," well, then Katy, you'll understand why Obama is "chilling me to the bone." -admin]

  • Katy

    Sorry to add this one last (and at least briefer) post, but I wanted to say that my responses have been prompted by my upset at Palin’s actions as both an RN and a mother. I have never and am not now a member of any feminist organization, including NOW, nor of any political organization–and if you would like to check that out, feel free to do so.

    My most ‘political’ gesture to date was to abandon my career as an MBA to become an RN as I wanted to do something that would ‘help others.’ I have never felt held back by my gender as my abilities seemed sufficient to get me where I have wanted to go–several times the only female in all male departments–so I never had any motivation to work toward feminist causes. (I’ve personally had mixed feelings about some feminist beliefs.) I AM so disturbed by some elements of this election, however, that I may become politically active for the first time in my life.

    Katy – I do not “check people out” I am not the KGB or a political operative. I’m disturbed by “elements of this election” too. We’ll have to agree to disagree on what we find disturbing. To me, I’m having a hard time dealing with Obama’s incredible lack of inexperience at the TOP of a National Ticket, at a crucial time in history. You don’t have to agree with a word I say – this is America, and we’re all entitled to our opinions – but please don’t suggest I am against “scrutiny” – I’m not. And I’m not a one-noter, either. My archives will show you when I’ve gone against the right on immigration and a bunch of other issues. It will show you that I have DEFENDED Bill and Hillary Clinton from time to time. But what I’m seeing here is an electric, instantaneous hate for a woman and the expedient use of her children as a means to destroy her. I’m seeing attacks on “sacred” things like womens’ choices and respect for their intelligence and ability. I’ve known Downs Syndrome people; a family with lots of support and one full time parent (doesn’t have to be a mother) can handle such kids just fine. I respect your profession, but I know my own experiences with DS folks…and I doubt too many of these people screaming from the left – (not saying you) have never MET anyone with Downs Syndrome and have no idea what they’re talking about. And now, if you’ll excuse me, ma’am, I have a DEAL OF WORK before me and won’t be responding in the comments section for the rest of the day, I think. I hope you can understand that. – admin]

  • Katy

    I wrote my last reply before I saw your response. Running for office today does mean character assassination, which both sides engage in. Palin’s nomination was announced so late in the game and her history has been so little known, that her turn (in what I do feel is a despicable process by both parties) started immediately. The incorrect allegations regarding Kerry’s Vietnam actions were made late and the Democratic party did not move to resolve them promptly, which, along with several other factors, cost them the election, so no doubt they’re not likely to respond slowly at this point.

    One thing that is apparent is that Palin’s experience must be particularly lacking or highly inaccurate statements would not be made to inflate by persons who, hopefully, know better. You just stated that she capably ran ‘a state that borders RUSSIA(????) and Canada’. I am probably among many persons unaware that Russia borders Alaska. (I am restraining myself here.) McCain tried to include her 10 years as a councilwoman and mayor in a small village with the type of executive experience usual contenders for VP have held. Why are people making such wildly inaccurate statements if her credentials are in place? Among her sterling actions as mayor was trying to fire a librarian who disagreed with her attempt to ban books that Palin objected to. (If someone wanted to ban something dangerous, they might be better off eliminating violent video games. I truly doubt incipient criminals are hanging out at libraries these days.)

    Since Palin really has so little history that is available, the spotlight will be on what is known. The whole pregnancy thing has to do with her stress on ‘abstinence’, since it would seem that who made a huge issue of it should have known how to promote it within her own family. She made this part of her political persona, which made it available as a target. I really doubt that anyone would have paid attention to her daughter’s situation other than that.

    We as a nation can’t afford the type of person who spends time in office trying to fire librarians and unsavory relatives with the massive issues ahead. She was in office for two years and left just ahead of an ethics investigation. Given the weatlth inherent in Alaska’s natural resources, it would be hard to hurt it in two years. The US as a nation is a whole different ball game.

    I do appreciate that you don’t have time to refute each point. I would also appreciate that, in the future, you don’t attempt to label me in order to make it seem like I present an argument from a completely different set of values in order to dismiss it.

    [Well Katy, THANK YOU for "restraining yourself" and perhaps considering that I am HARD AT WORK at my job but still trying to correspond with you, so I might make a blub here or there. Very charitable of you, I'm sure. I am astonished at your insistance that "Palin made her family part" of this and therefore they're fair game. The Clintons hauled out Chelsea for every sort of photo-op but she was quite rightly NOT fair game. As to the rest, you're repeating talking points to me that are filling up my email and I really don't have time to do this all day. So, finally, yes, I'm done. Doubtless you'll call this a "retreat" or something. Whatever. - admin]

  • Katy

    Just read your last post and realize you have other things to attend to, as do I. I will review some issues you’ve presented to broaden my own perspective. I haven’t seen ‘secxist’ attacks on Palin’s intelligence or ability you refer to, but I don’t listen to talk radio and do not ususally read KOS or most blogs. I happened here in the course of trying to learn more about Palin. What I have seen is a reaction to her behavior regarding her pregnancy by a post by an obviously competent healthcare practioner that mirrored my own response on this issue and concern over how she used her power while in Alaska. (I also saw some college posts which indicated the posters would vote for her because she was ‘hot’–I’m wondering if given the immaturity of the current generation if we shouldn’t rethink the minimum voting age….)

    My own impression is that she is using her children politically so she has, in essence, ‘offered them up’. A long-time friend of mine (who was strongly pro-life in college, organizing a large rally in support and has no agenda against her in that respect) voiced the immediate concern that if Palin was aware of her daughter’s pregnancy, she exposed her to massive media scrutiny when Palin could have passed on the offer from McCain, she found that very unmotherly. Palin is only 44 and has plenty of time left for political ambitions and, if appropriate for higher office, not only would remain so but could add to her competence while stabilizing and protecting her family members.

    I don’t think it’s really possible to know what’s going on with candidates without at least some direct personal knowledge, so most of our evaluations will be based on personal conjecture. So far my own impressions have been accurate in how administrations have unfolded, so I feel comfortable with my current ones but will address issues with Obama you’ve raised–privately. Posting is taking way more time than I realized. I am seriously considering moving out of the country if the current GOP ticket is elected. I honestly believe it will bring the final knells to the economy. Lack of work, lack of money, and lack of food are not life-sustaining, let alone life-promoting.

  • Sandy

    My mom remarked tonight about Palin’s speech last night–and I agree. She liked the speech, but her family comment was: “I just can’t understand parents putting a tiny baby out in all that noise and shouting–It seems cruel and abusive. Did that baby have to be out in all of that? What kind of parents would do that to their newborn baby?”
    I really want a woman to break that glass barrier–but I think that the Palins are not truly thinking of their family–especially Trig. He should have been left to peacefully rest with another relative. I think such things will hurt Sarah Palin and not help her. The only other thing I don’t like is the fact that Sarah Palin likes to hunt and kill for fun. I wish that was not one of her “facts,” although I know a lot of hunters will like that.

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