Harry Reid: Most shameful fella

It’s hard to pin down exactly who I dislike the most in Washington, but when I think about it, Harry Reid is the usually the first name that comes to my mind. In fact, I’m sorry to say this but what usually pops into my head is “the execrable Harry Reid.”

I know, I use that word too often. But in 2005 Harry Reid actually dared to tell America that an 11 year old boy had looked up to him and said he wanted to be just like him when he grew up. He has never been punished for that.

Now, of course, the execrable Harry Reid, Mr Help-Me- Obi-Wan-McCain Tell-Us-What-To-Do Now Stay Away Obi-Wan-we-don’t-need-you has sneakily done the dirtiest deed yet to the American public he purports to “serve.” Or he would have if he hadn’t been caught.

Writes Allah:

Two days after leaving through the front door he’s trying to sneak back in through the side.

Allah provides a contact list for all 100 Senators and urges “cage rattling”. And he offers this for inspiration:

A reader e-mailed Reid’s spokesman for comment and got this reply. I’m not kidding about rattling cages.

There is a possibility the Senate will be asked to vote on reestablishing the moratorium on oil shale extraction. Although Senate Democrats support measures to increase this nation’s energy supply, oil shale extraction has not been proven to be economically viable, will produce more greenhouse gases, and will significantly decrease the West’s water supply.

The execrable Harry Reid is a fiend. While we’re facing gasoline and home heating oil shortages for this winter and who knows how far into the future, he’s still playing games, still working to make us more dependent, rather than less. In the middle of a financial crisis that should be taking all of his attention, he – as majority leader – still has time to toddle over and sneak in a bit of confounding legislation meant to hobble, not to help, his own nation!

I wonder who owns him? I cannot believe anyone would want to re-elect the execrable Harry Reid to the Senate.

He plays politics with our money. He plays politics with our energy. He plays politics with our future:

Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid seems to be doing all he can as the Senate’s most powerful member to cause trouble for GOP presidential candidate John McCain. Reid indicated Thursday that he will not hold any votes in the Senate on Friday so McCain has “no excuses” to skip the debate scheduled for that day.

Reid’s move is curious since several news outlets reported earlier this week that Reid told the White House it was essential McCain take an active role in crafting the bailout—something that would certainly keep McCain off the campaign trail. “We need now the Republicans to start producing some votes for us, we need the Republican nominee for president to let us know where he stands,” Reid publicly told reporters.

As soon as McCain announced he was suspending his campaign and possibly postponing a presidential debate in order to get to Washington to work on the

Execrable. He is a horrible, horrible and ungifted statesman, who does not serve US.

But then again, I’m out of sympathy with 90% of the people in Washington and wonder if we shouldn’t throw them all out.

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  • Gayle Miller

    Senator Reid is only surpassed in his calumny and despicable, hate-filled speech by Rep. Alcee Hastings.

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  • Gina

    The man is actually saying that he will keep a vote on the bailout from happening tomorrow “so that McCain has no excuses not to debate.” What gall! This crisis has far-reaching effects on our economy and the world’s economy and this man is playing Junior Potentate.

  • Joe Odegaard

    “Reid indicated Thursday that he will not hold any votes in the Senate on Friday so McCain has “no excuses” to skip the debate scheduled for that day.”

    Is that so?

    If it is important to vote on something I want the senate to vote, Mr. Reid.

  • http://hillaryneedsavacation.blogspot.com/ HNAV

    The execrable Harry Reid is a fiend.


    He is a vivid reminder of why I have so many problems with Senators these days.

    Of course, Boxer, Schumer, Durbin, Clinton, Feingold, etc., are just as bad.

    Nancy Pelosi might be worse. She looked absolutely lost today.

    Was it true, that this bi-partisan photo op at the White House, was John McCain’s idea?

  • pbuchta

    Hey Guys,

    There won’t be any vote tomorrow. The conservative GOP ‘right wingers’ have nixed the deal. Good night… LOL RAOFLMAO!

    [Again...when you're petty, you're not attractive. I somehow think you won't be laughing tomorrow. - admin]

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  • Portia

    The execrable Harry Reid and the unthinkable Nancy Pelosi are about tied for me. Nancy is not only a walking danger to our nation but she had the unmitigated nerve to cross herself in a mosque. Argh.

  • Jamie Irons


    I love your blog.

    The combination of serenity and strength in your voice (to use the poets’ term) is beautiful and compelling.

    Thank you.

    Jamie Irons

  • pbuchta

    I ain’t being petty. This whole thing in Washington is turning into a joke! Personally I support the right wingers on some of their points. They should try to let the market work itself out without Washington meddling or financial support. They won’t listen to what McCain has to say. They are just plain pissed off as everyone should be about this.

  • Gina

    If they don’t vote because they’re not ready to vote, that is one thing; if they don’t vote because Lord Voldemort is trying to throw his weight around in an election season, that is quite another.

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