Reject Socialism?

ACORN – as I believe I predicted some time back – has managed to register 105% of Indianapolis to vote in this election.

We knew this election year would be the bold and ripe with fraud. I think I predicted a 105% turnout in St. Louis.

Shana’s got a new design – short and to the point. I told her she should get some buttons and tee shirts ready to go with the bumpersticker.

Her Zazzleshop is here. She has about 5 pages of designs, now.

Seems like a good one, particularly in light of this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this, and this and this and so on.

ACORN is all over the place, preparing massive fraud in state after state, hoping to help out Obama who – you know – used to work for them.

GOP should have been working this. The rumor is that the 8 US Attorney’s President Bush fired wouldn’t investigate them. But that’s just a rumor. Explains why the press went nuts for Bush firing 8, when Clinton had fired what, 90 of them while he was in office?

This is going to be one hell of an election. If you criticize Obama you’re a racist. If you look into his associations, you’re “being dangerous.” James Carville seems to be implying that if Obama loses, will riot (the most racist idea I’ve yet heard in this election, btw) [edited for clarity - admin] and of course, if you look into voter fraud and ACORN and its mad history of voter intimidation, fraud and suppression, well…that’s probably racist, too. Meanwhile he’s got Camp Obama going on, training folks for agitation on election day, and he’s telling his supporters to “get in their faces.”

What a leader. Seems like “the One” shouldn’t have to do all this manipulating and training, doesn’t it?

has been following ACORN’s shenanigans for years. I hope he’ll put up a massive link with all of his posts.

Nice. Nice way to participate in the America electoral system. Tell me again about chill winds, Mr. Robbins. And the press, predictably, is incurious. Remember when that was their rap against Bush? That he was “incurious?”

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  • Aitch748

    I’m really starting to believe that if Obama gets in, it’ll be 1968 all over again, only this time the agitators will have law enforcement on their side. Yeah, it’ll be an administration of Bill “we didn’t bomb enough” Ayers types getting in our faces and telling us how to live our lives, at a time when we have to worry about the economy and if we’re going to still be working in the coming months. AAAUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!

    I hope some of the news about Kaptain Kaos the Kommunity Organizer is starting to seep through to the undecided voters about now. I really, really do.

    Remember: McCain wants to change Washington. Obama wants to change America.

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  • nan

    Zazzleshop has some really offensive bumper stickers related to Sarah Palin also.

    [Ain't free speech great? :-)? -admin]

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  • culperjr.

    I must preface these remarks by saying that I have never voted for a Democrat for President in my life. Still, I find this election to be a no-brainer.

    A friend–intelligent, but almost totally apolitical–asked for a capsule summation of my views of McCain vs. Obama. I see it this way: Do I vote for the smug, snooty pseudo-intellectual who makes the artsy girls swoon or for the grizzled, mean old Navy veteran? In other words, do I vote for the counter help at Starbucks or for my father?

    My father went through the Depression and served in two wars. Barista Obama can make a mean latte. Guess who I would trust with the safety of my family, our economy and our nation…

  • Acer Palmatum

    Unfortunately merely saying socialism will not work (just like merely saying terrorism will not work with Ayers). You have to connect the dots. The connection to Ayers shows how Barack was fully part of corrupt Chicago Democratic Politics (coddling former terrorists and current radicals just part of the game of climbing the political ladders of success in Chicago).

    On economics, McCain needs to explain why Barack Obama’s plan is so dangerous to economic recovery:

    Mr. Obama intends to raise the top personal income tax rate from 35 percent to 39.6 percent, raise the 15 percent tax rate on capital gains and dividends to between 20 percent and 28 percent, levy higher tax rates on corporations, and increase the Social Security payroll tax on upper-income Americans.

    Mr. Obama will be raising taxes on the very parts of our economy that have been the wellspring of its venture capital investment pool that is now on life support.

    Exactly how Americans worried about the economy can truly believe we can tax our way out of a recession is a mystery, but that is what Mr. Obama is peddling and that is what Mr. Obama voters are buying hook, line and sinker.

    But not everyone. Listen to what University of Maryland economist Peter Morici, a sharp critic of the Bush administration’s economic policies, says about Mr. Obama’s plan: “Obama’s tax and redistribute policies will not resurrect jobs, wages or the price of stocks in American retirement accounts. … Obama’s policies may make economic conditions worse,” he said this week. “His platform is full of platitudes and generalizations but not enough substance.”

    What McCain Needs To Do

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  • Joseph

    “Seems like “the One” shouldn’t have to do all this manipulating and training, doesn’t it?”

    Okay, Anchoress, short, if not sweet. Why do you think he’s winning? Why do you think George W. Bush won Ohio and is President because of it? They call it “turnout”. You don’t get it by waving a magic wand from the editorial desk of the New York Times. Nor by persuading hundreds of thousands of people in dozens of cities to risk prison by voting fraud.

    You get it by organizing and training citizen volunteers to knock on doors and make phone calls to hundreds of thousands of legitimate voters to persuade them to vote for your guy. And by motivating volunteers not to be discouraged when a certain number of those doors get slammed in their faces. You and your readers ought to try it some time.

    There, didn’t even have to scroll down the comment box.

    [Joseph - there is a world of difference between knocking on doors and getting in people's faces. There is a world of difference between what's going on here, and what we normally see in "ground up" operations. And you know it. But you don't want to know it. So, it's all okay by you. The ends apparently justify the means. We have "liberal" Democrats telling the nation that if we don't elect Obama his supporters will "riot." The most racist thing I've heard in years, and that's "okay" with the press and even with Obama, who doesn't seem to mind the aspersion cast upon his voters, if it helps with the psy-ops. You know this thing is dirty. It's dirtier than anything I've ever seen in any election. This guy makes me long for Hillary. - admin]

  • Clare Krishan

    But wouldn’t Bush’s mugshot fit in there too? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely as the English Catholic Lord Acton warned us. The populace is vulnerable right now, we’ve already implemented socialism for the rich with the bailout, so I do not understand GOP reasoning behind the demagoguery on the economic knowledge and political ignorance of the voters? If moral hazard has lost its meaning, what’s preventing a repeat of the revolutions that wracked Europe in the 1870s and laid the groundwork for Bismarck to instill his evil views of “nation first” and flatten any Catholic resistence, ending in the horrendous deprivations of Herr Hitler?

    “As Carl Menger explained, men’s knowledge of the causal connections between natural phenomena determines the extent to which they control their own lives.[1] The outcome of their actions is only partly the product of individuals. It also depends on other factors that they do not know how to (or do not have the power to) employ as means towards their ends. Indeed, their knowledge only determines the extent to which men control their own lives theoretically. Practically, their actual control depends on the capital they have accumulated.

    The causal connection between the increasing employment of higher-order goods and the increasing quantity (or quality) of 1st-order goods produced lies in the fact that the first increases the number of factors of a given causal process of production that have goods-character — i.e., extends to less proximate ones our power to direct its various factors to the satisfaction of our needs.[2]

    Conversely, men’s ignorance of the causal connections between natural phenomena — as well as their preference, ceteris paribus, for present satisfactions, which limits their saving — determines the extent to which they do not control their own lives, but rather depend for the satisfaction of their needs on side causes present in their environment.

    We can extend this Mengerian analysis and say that men’s ignorance of the causal connections between human actions determines the extent to which their control over their own lives and striving towards its improvement is limited by the present side effects of past political interventions.

    Indeed, the less they grasp their future consequences, the more they tend to favor policies that seem to permit the immediate attainment of their ends — through coercion.”

    As a Pennsylvanian I watched McCain’s rally in Bethlehem, and was chilled at his popularist polemic – its nasty and mean-spirited leaving “reason” and “logic” (and thus any concept of “honor”) behind. This country is facing a huge dislocation in its place in the world and no one has the decency to be honest with the voters – I’ll be voting pro-life third party, and I urge as many others who are in Dem-controlled areas to do the same as a kinda referendum on the pitiful state of the “conservative” agenda.

  • Clare Krishan

    oops mea culpa missing URL citation

    the awful policies of Mr Greenspan COERCE us to approve the even more awful policy of POTUS’s treasury bailout. We are already subjects of tyranny.

    (p.s.I “watched” McCain on CSPAN lying in bed after surgery, wasn’t personally at the rally)

  • Mutnodjmet

    Good Morning Anchoress! I love your synopsis, especially as I am reading it while I drink a piping hot cup of Mystic Monk coffee. I have come to the conclusion that if Obama manages to cheat his way to being POTUS, that I will not accept the fraudulent result. Obama will never be my President. I will not refer to him as such. I will not listen to his speeches, and will work to elect as much opposition to his socialism as possible. And, I agree with you regarding Hillary Clinton. I have been following the PUMA movement (i.e., Hillary-supporters who are working against Obama’s election) closely, and a more concerned group of American-loving Americans I have rarely come across on the Internet. Obama makes the Clinton Political Machine look saintly. For those of you who are interested, there is a YoutTube video documentary about the Obama cheaters in Texas (I Will Not Be Silenced); Obama cheated his way to the Democrat nomination. This election process stinks to high heavens in every regard.

  • GeronimoRumplestiltskin

    Saw this today:


    Archives prove Obama was a New Party member

    …The New Party was a radical left organization, established in 1992, to amalgamate far left groups and push the United States into socialism by forcing the Democratic Party to the left. It was an attempt to regroup the forces on the left in a new strategy to take power, burrowing from within. The party only lasted until 1998, when its strategy of “fusion” failed to withstand a Supreme Court ruling. But dissolving the party didn’t stop the membership, including Barack Obama, from continuing to move the Democrats leftward with spectacular success.

    ….J. Brown of Politically Drunk on Power has dug up ( multiple documentary sources (with hyperlinks) proving that Barack Obama was a member of the New Party, despite alleged attempts to cover up his tracks by scrubbing evidence. He or she deserves tremendous praise for doing this detective work.

    Obama’s career bears many signs of being helped along by the radical left. At the critical moment when he entered electoral politics, he was part of a movement to take over an established political party and direct it to the task of building a socialist America.

    Gee, Obama a Socialist? Sorta like finding out Clay Aiken is gay….

  • Mary in CO

    What an incredible farce! Between voters registering the Dallas Cowboys in NM, and multiple registrations (one Ohioan has testified to being harassed into registering 72 times in 18 months!), and “Doodad” and “Good Loving” ponying up bucks for Obama …

    … well, the courts may be unraveling this election well after Nov 4.

    But God is in control. Shaking His head, but definitely on top of things.

  • Poohbah

    Anchoress, every last questionable registration is public record, and the GOP will have poll watchers with lawyers’ phone #s on speed-dial in every battleground precinct.

    The ACORN phantom voter menace will thus remain a phantom menace. Someone may show up to attempt vote–but they will walk away when challenged just as they did in 2004, because nobody’s willing to risk PMITA prison time to support The Anointed One (PBUH).

    Also, Obama just sent his two biggest guns to Florida. That isn’t the sign of a successful campaign–it’s a sign that the local party is NOT supporting the campaign.

    Notice how the media says on the one hand “OBAMA WILL TRIUMPH, FLEE FOR LIVES CONSERVATIVES!” and on the other are already blaming everyone and his brother for Obama’s defeat. Deep down . . . they KNOW he’s going to tank, and all the king’s reporters and all the king’s ACORNs will not stop it.

    [Poohbah, you are more optimistic than I am. I don't for a moment believe the GOP is capable of seriously challenging ACORN's deceptive practices. The GOP knew Wisconsin was stolen out from under it in'04, (and the Washington state gubernatorial race, too) and they did nothing. -admin]

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