Reject Socialism?

ACORN – as I believe I predicted some time back – has managed to register 105% of Indianapolis to vote in this election.

We knew this election year would be the bold and ripe with fraud. I think I predicted a 105% turnout in St. Louis.

Shana’s got a new design – short and to the point. I told her she should get some buttons and tee shirts ready to go with the bumpersticker.

Her Zazzleshop is here. She has about 5 pages of designs, now.

Seems like a good one, particularly in light of this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this, and this and this and so on.

ACORN is all over the place, preparing massive fraud in state after state, hoping to help out Obama who – you know – used to work for them.

GOP should have been working this. The rumor is that the 8 US Attorney’s President Bush fired wouldn’t investigate them. But that’s just a rumor. Explains why the press went nuts for Bush firing 8, when Clinton had fired what, 90 of them while he was in office?

This is going to be one hell of an election. If you criticize Obama you’re a racist. If you look into his associations, you’re “being dangerous.” James Carville seems to be implying that if Obama loses, will riot (the most racist idea I’ve yet heard in this election, btw) [edited for clarity – admin] and of course, if you look into voter fraud and ACORN and its mad history of voter intimidation, fraud and suppression, well…that’s probably racist, too. Meanwhile he’s got Camp Obama going on, training folks for agitation on election day, and he’s telling his supporters to “get in their faces.”

What a leader. Seems like “the One” shouldn’t have to do all this manipulating and training, doesn’t it?

has been following ACORN’s shenanigans for years. I hope he’ll put up a massive link with all of his posts.

Nice. Nice way to participate in the America electoral system. Tell me again about chill winds, Mr. Robbins. And the press, predictably, is incurious. Remember when that was their rap against Bush? That he was “incurious?”

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