Update on Beloved

Many of you have been kind enough to keep this gravely injured serviceman and his family in your prayers, and have asked for an update.

Well, all I can say is I’m sort of clinging to the adage that “no news is good news.” I have not heard back from his family since the day of posting, when they asked me to release no details at all – not even the branch of service, sorry – due to the nature of the mission. I know his wife and kids are with him and so I don’t expect many updates…to be honest, every time I check my email, I hope I don’t see something from them – unless it’s miraculous news – because every day that Beloved survives perhaps promises another day that he will heal, until he makes a full recovery.

So, please know, when I hear anything, I will let you know immediately, and thank you again for your continued prayers for this fine serviceman and his family.

Meanwhile, please read this story about the moving homecoming of one of our fallen (H/T Ace.) An excerpt:

As a commercial pilot, I too see the effects of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Last month I showed up to start a trip and was approached by a gate agent. “Captain, good morning, I wanted to inform you that we have H.R. on this flight”, she said. H.R. stands for human remains. “Are they military?”, I asked. “Yes”, she said. “Is there and escort?”, I asked. “Yes, I already assigned him a seat”, she said. “Would you please tell him to come to the flight deck, you can board him early”, I said.

Read the whole thing.

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