Joyless Prudes & Panics

I’m sorry but I’m really starting to lose patience with these decorate nothing because it might offend someone and don’t let kids dress up for thanksgiving because it might give offense or re-inforce an old narrative that needs “correction.”

These people prattling on and on, trying to render everything sterile in the name of “sensitivity” and “accuracy” give me a pain in the ass. One wonders – if these practices are so “demeaning” and detrimental to society – how these enlightened folks (who very likely participated in all of these dress-up and decorating rituals at some point in their lives, and did so with excitement and enjoyment) ever managed to break free of the oppressive chains of their childhoods so as to lead the rest of us out of every goofy and affectionate tradition and into the promised land of blandness, where there is no joy, but lots of grave breast-beating and serious reflection.

I’m also getting a little eye-roll-y about these sorts as well. Disaster preparedness, I’m all for, but where did this “manna from heaven for America” stuff come from?

Extremists and zealots are very tiresome. I’d like to put the “no-fun, no-decorations, only-gravity and shame” people and the “survivalist-manna-from heaven-for America” people together for a few weeks and let them put up with each other and give us all a break.

But then, I’m cranky, today.

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