Turning off Comment Moderation – UPDATED

Now that I’ve installed that spam-bot thingy at the bottom of the comments section, I’m going to lift “moderation” on the site. I liked it only because it allowed me the chance to read comments, which I hadn’t always had a chance to do, before. Unfortunately, I did not like other aspects of it; the loss of spontaneity, the fretting that if I was away from the computer for too long people were left hanging there.

It was necessary for the heavy spamming that was going on, but we’ll see if things are better, now. I still reserve the right to dump comments or commenters who can’t follow simply guidelines, but happily that has been a very rare occurrence in 4 years of blogging. If things don’t work out, I’ll go back to moderation, but for now, I think this will be more fun.

UPDATE: Slightly o/t but I’m in a rush and don’t want to start another post – I just made my first pot of the Mystic Monk 2008 Christmas Blend and it is just beyond-words good! It’s a limited supply thing (and a little pricier than their regular coffees) but my goodness this is some incredible cup of coffee – and you don’t have to take my word for it – Coffee Review, which bills itself as “The World’s Leading Coffee-buying Guide” as this to say about it:

Rated OUTSTANDING: Balanced, quietly complex aroma: ripe tomato, lemon, nut, flowers, milk chocolate. The aromatic notes deepen in the big-bodied cup; the chocolate darkens, an earth note turns up, tart lemon and sweet floral notes persist. Clean, rich finish…With eight components this blend could end up blurred in impression, but it manages to make its aromatic layering readable and original.

Yeah, and the Jingle Bell Java is pretty darn great, also.

I keep telling you: The Monk Coffee is the stuff!

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