Turning off Comment Moderation – UPDATED

Now that I’ve installed that spam-bot thingy at the bottom of the comments section, I’m going to lift “moderation” on the site. I liked it only because it allowed me the chance to read comments, which I hadn’t always had a chance to do, before. Unfortunately, I did not like other aspects of it; the loss of spontaneity, the fretting that if I was away from the computer for too long people were left hanging there.

It was necessary for the heavy spamming that was going on, but we’ll see if things are better, now. I still reserve the right to dump comments or commenters who can’t follow simply guidelines, but happily that has been a very rare occurrence in 4 years of blogging. If things don’t work out, I’ll go back to moderation, but for now, I think this will be more fun.

UPDATE: Slightly o/t but I’m in a rush and don’t want to start another post – I just made my first pot of the Mystic Monk 2008 Christmas Blend and it is just beyond-words good! It’s a limited supply thing (and a little pricier than their regular coffees) but my goodness this is some incredible cup of coffee – and you don’t have to take my word for it – Coffee Review, which bills itself as “The World’s Leading Coffee-buying Guide” as this to say about it:

Rated OUTSTANDING: Balanced, quietly complex aroma: ripe tomato, lemon, nut, flowers, milk chocolate. The aromatic notes deepen in the big-bodied cup; the chocolate darkens, an earth note turns up, tart lemon and sweet floral notes persist. Clean, rich finish…With eight components this blend could end up blurred in impression, but it manages to make its aromatic layering readable and original.

Yeah, and the Jingle Bell Java is pretty darn great, also.

I keep telling you: The Monk Coffee is the stuff!

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  • Piano Girl

    Wish I liked the coffee stuff. I’ve already purchased 11 bags as Christmas gifts, and I’m getting ready to place another order this evening for the rest of my “coffee” drinking friends. I may have to rethink and order some of the Christmas Blend for a couple of them.

  • lschwaben

    I got the Jingle Bell Java for my folks and we tried it over Thanksgiving – it’s a great cup of coffee, but I was confused about the “vanilla, bourbon, and spices” advertised as part of the flavor. I guess those were supposed to be “notes” and not actual flavors, unless our bag was mislabeled, because we couldn’t taste any of the the three!

  • lschwaben

    Er, that should be “white chocolate, bourbon, and spices” … anyway, can anyone shed some light on this?

  • Gina

    I love the Mystic Monk coffee and have pretty much adopted it as our daily brew, after being continually disappointed by Trader Joe’s coffees.

    What I really need to do is write the monks and ask them to add some spice coffees to their flavored versions- cinnamon coffee is to die for, but I also think something more exotic like a cardamom or pepper coffee would be dreamy. Trader Joe’s had a winter blend with green and red peppercorns, cinnamon and cloves that was pretty good before the coffee quality started taking a dive.

  • Peony Moss

    Oh, I can’t wait — I ordered some Christmas Blend and Jingle Bell Java today!

    Piano Girl — for yourself, maybe try one of the flavored coffees? A couple of friends who don’t like coffee really enjoyed the MM Chocolate Cherry I brewed one night….

  • Maggie45

    Egadzooks, you are such an hmmm influence on me. Notice I left out good or bad. I’m trying to decide. lol. Anyway, I just ordered FOUR Christmas Blend, one for me, and 3 for gifts. The other day I ordered FOUR Hermit Bold, which is my new addiction, and a Rum Pecan sample to try.I know that you like it a lot, but not sure I will, so I didn’t order a whole bag. I still have half a Hermit Bold, and a whole Hazlenut for my own use to tide me over. I’m so glad that you put the Amazon widget up there at the top. I’m loving the fact that I’m enriching my own life, and also helping support other wonderful people.

    Ok, I’ve decided….GOOD influence. Heh.

  • http://plls.blogspot.com s1c

    I have to admit that the coffee sounds great. I buy a lot of my coffee though from a little coffee shop in Avon, CT though where they do the roasting on site and the smell, ah, the smell is delish. I love buying the Simsbury blend (a mix of light and dark roast) and if you just ask for a cup of joe, you have to specify light, medium or dark roast.

    Still, I have to admit that after the holidays I will have to order some of the Mystic.

  • BrianF

    Anchoress, you’ll be happy to know that Fr. Mitch of EWTN also made a pitch for Mystic Monk Coffee on EWTN Live last night.

  • dellbabe68

    The Chrismtas blend is complex, just like they say!! Very good. Not too strong, just right. Interesting.

    If anyone likes Jingle Bell Java, get it now before it goes!!

  • Piano Girl

    Peony Moss Says: Piano Girl — “for yourself, maybe try one of the flavored coffees? A couple of friends who don’t like coffee really enjoyed the MM Chocolate Cherry I brewed one night….”

    Unfortunately, Peony Moss, I don’t even like a chocolate brownie that has a touch of coffee in it, so I probably would strike out even with the chocolate cherry brew. I’m just delighted that I can find something to give to friends during the holiday season that won’t take up space in their homes, and yet bring them pleasure. The great fudge marathon for my students begins this weekend…I’ve actually had kids tell me they take my classes in the fall because of the “fudge component” that comes along in December.

  • Susan K.

    Dear Anchoress: My Christmas gifts to the teachers/helpers at the homeschool co-op are ready to go: homemade notecards with Christmas tree stickers tied onto Mystic Monk sample bags. So pretty! I am excited to give them out tomorrow to 10 special people.

  • http://jscafenette.com Jeanette

    A, I use Akismet and WordPress Spam-Free and it has removed all the ads for erectile dysfunction and prescription drugs.

    The only problem is I can’t get into WP Spam-Free to rescue any legitimate comments, but have had to turn it back on because some were slipping through with just Akismet.

    Not coffee drinkers here but love the mustards we ordered!
    We got the fruitcakes and they were OK, but not what I expected. Money well-spent anyway.

    [The mustards are pretty tasty, aren't they? Sorry you didn't care for the fruitcakes. I can take 'em or leave 'em, but I do like the ones with the bourbon. I'm funny that way. Not much of a drinker, but if you put the shinny in something else, I'm game! Admin]