Thank you for shopping Amazon

Just wanted to put up a quick thank you to all of you who are shopping Amazon via this site. In order for me to be able to keep running this blog, I really count on that support, and I wanted to tell you I appreciate that so many of you have done some Christmas shopping while entering Amazon from here. I was particularly shocked to see a few big purchases, like the Amazon Kindle, the Playstation 3, the complete Planet Earth Series and this funny little pocket camcorder were made that way, and I am exceedingly grateful.

In the past I have always tithed a portion of the Amazon monies realized to this hospice and a local retreat house. This year, because their need is very great and with the economic downturn, their progress is slow, I’ll send the tithe to capital campaign for renovation for the Dominican nuns at Summit. So, you see, your purchases do double duty!

Thank you very much, and bless you. Widgets

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  • dellbabe68

    Well, I feel like a dummy. I never knew I could enter Amazon through your site and you would get soemthing! I am glad you posted this. If you only knew what I spend at amazon, it’s frightening. I support deployed troops and get their supplements, etc (body building stuff; don’t ask me) and all sorts of stuff, so it isn’t just books.
    Thanks for mentioning it. Will use your link the next time.

  • Sally June

    Yikes…now I need one of those cool little camcorders in pink so my kid can advance her video skills. Hates math, loves YouTube…what’s a mom to do? Thanks, Anchoress, you are like the best friend you want to have lunch with pretty much all the time.