You'll laugh…until you cry

First read this

Then this.

Then this

Then this

Then this and this and this

Then this

Going Down With A Fight

A Bad String of Pearls will break and trip up

Reporting it wrong




Downright Milhousian


Vanishing history

Then Ignoring or Ignorant? (Quite a different response than this one

Flickering light

The Forgotten Man

Then the Last American President

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  • Genevieve B

    I am afraid to read it all. It is making it harder and harder for me to pray for him. And my country feels already lost…

  • manchmedic

    I didn’t laugh at any of it. But I nearly did cry…. Very scary stuff.

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  • alice

    I miss President Bush. Knew I would-and I do. sigh—

  • Mary in CO

    Ho. Ly. Cow. You’re scaring me.

    Umh, can we go back to Hee Haw?

  • Kensington

    I feel like I’ve been assuming an emotional crash position since it became clear he was going to win the election. It feels like the impact could happen at any moment, and all I can do is pray and gird my loins.

    Four years of this, at minimum? Oh, my…

  • Ellen

    Well, I spent the last half hour clicking and reading. I think I will go to the Stations of the Cross tonight and beg God’s mercy on us.

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    I’m trying to think back in the past, particularly during the Clinton years, to remember if I ever had the feeling of being embarrassed to be an American. I don’t think so.

    But Obama’s “gift” to Brown — which is really a gift of America to Britain — of 25 DVDs (which are probably not even playable on Euro players) is downright exceedingly embarrassing. Not quite the level of, in exchange for receiving a diamond ring, giving a 20-percent-off coupon from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but pretty close to that.

    Whether it was cluelessness or a demonstration of contempt for our best friend and ally, I don’t know. But it deserves an apology from America to Britain. So, if there are any Brits reading this . . . please accept our apologies.

  • Jim Hicks

    The damage this president is doing to our country both internally and externally is deeply disturbing. And The Telegraph points out today that although he was extremely rude to the PM, he is overjoyed at meeting Her Majesty the Queen.

    It could be that the Queen is cozier with her Labor PM’s than with the Conservatives. But he is most likely just looking at the glamor this will add to him from a photo up with ERII.

  • jakewashere

    God has abandoned us.

    we have sown the seeds of sin and this is our punishment.

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  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    Jake — God did not abandon us. He is there for anyone who cares to be with Him.

  • ultraguy

    Wow… this is one of your more potent combinations of links, Anchoress, especially the Global Politician Obama/narcissism piece, which I strongly recommend everyone read slowly and all the way to the end, with a highlighter, a Bible and a list of recent headlines handy.

    This line, in particular, should not be overlooked:

    “The narcissistic leader is a monstrously inverted Jesus.”

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