Kids deserve good schools

The piano is annoying as hell, but watch it. As Vodkapundit says: Obama finally found a cut he likes.

You know, we could raise money for scholarships for these kids and many others in just a few hours, if the president really wanted to – if the president really cared – and was not so beholden to teacher’s unions.

Really. Hundreds, maybe thousands of kids helped into better school environments – in a matter of a couple of hours.

How about, Mr. President? One of those kids said he knew you “like to help people…”

You gonna disappoint a kid? Who believes in you?

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  • Piano Girl

    I say we take that money from the stimulus package that would have been spent on saving some mice in SanFranNan’s district and give it to the children. A couple years ago, I read an article about the crumbling state of affairs in the public schools of DC that made me cry. The bureaucracy in the DC education system is horrendous…they have the most money per child of any school district in the country, but the students rank near the bottom in statistics that count. The Carters sent Amy to a public school the four years he was the President, but that was a long time ago. I really can’t blame the Obamas for sending their girls to Sidwell Friends School. There is a new superintendent for the DC schools who seems to be having a slight impact on the school system…the infrastructure of many of the schools is horrible, and probably the “broken window” theory needs to be put into place. As Rush would say, “Follow the money…”

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