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I have written a few times about how socialistic, totalitarian governments tend to go after people of faith – to try to suppress them – and they specifically (and usually pretty quickly) also move to shut down the monastics and vowed religious, and leave them bereft of community.

I suspect part of the reason they try to shut down the monasteries – aside from their usual statements demanding “unity and usefulness,” and even apart from the fact that such governments are threatened by the power of these places (monasteries are, after all, powerhouses of prayer) – I do think perhaps they are also threatened by the fact that in monasteries socialists find the constant rebuke that they are doing their socialism incorrectly.

When the communists came to Bulgaria, they suppressed religious communities. Some of these nuns remember. Please watch this video. It takes almost three minutes to get started, then it is riveting. In this first part one of the sisters brings insight into how the whole trick of socialism and suppression works. It has worked very well in our own society; we call it political correctness, and it is hard at work, right now, fomenting a knee-jerked revolution with little honesty behind it, and a great potential for violence, harassment of private citizens and injustice.

I dunno…all this new “change” Obama is mouthing off about…it seems like a re-do of a really old and unsuccessful idea that we all thought we’d defeated in the 1980’s. Very soon, it will be a social “sin” to own a nice home. Or, it will be a sin unless you’re the right sort of person, like Chris Dodd, or Bruce Springsteen or Nancy Pelosi, or even Barack Obama.

If you’re not them, if you’re just an ordinary American who bought into the notion that working hard and dreaming dreams mattered…how dare you succeed when others fail. Let us destroy you.

Watch The Lives of Others.

Archbishop Chaput pricks the Catholic Conscience:”Catholic ‘complacency’ shares blame for country’s failures…”

Also of interest: The Pope who Defied Napoleon.

WELCOME: Hot Air Readers, and thanks, Ed, for the link! We’re also talking about Inflation in the Nation and I’ve podcasted another rosary!

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