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Please pray for Heather, who is pregnant and now diagnosed with what seems to be an aggressive cancer. She is taking light radiation (with protection for the baby) and responding well to that, but she has a long way to go. Doctors hope to take the baby in April, provided its lungs can handle it. This young woman, her baby and her family, need lots of prayers.

Congrats to Ann Althouse
who has gone and gotten engaged to a fella who started out as a commenter on her blog, and has become her love. They’re engaged and looking at an August wedding. Hope she vlogs it!

Yes, and by her own president: American capitalism under siege

Another day, another trillion thrown about: Here is what a trillion dollars looks like.

Offered without comment:
Geithner Aides Worked With AIG for Months on Bonuses

“Gallows-humor”: Yes, that would certainly have been well-received had Bush uttered it, or had he smiled, laughed, joked, preened and campaigned his way through a crisis.. Ah, yes, so smart, so slick. Just what American needed.

Here’s some “gallows humor”. Har har. That makes me feel so much better! Don’t you feel better?

What does the Treasury Department do?: Ummm…about as much, these days as blue ribbon panels. It does not fix things. Treasury does nuthin’ if you don’t want it to do anything.

That bail out money: Going into politicians pockets. Had enough, yet?

The Press: beginning to understand that by abrogating their responsibilities (by never asking a question tougher than, “how’d you get to be so great? Do you like waffles?”) They really had no idea what they were carrying into the White House.

“… there is no history for what he is doing. He is the most radical President of our times, far outside the mainstream of our political philosophy.

He is not a reformer who fixes things. He fancies himself “transformative,” a man who reshapes and reorders. It apparently begins with smashing the existing order under the pretext of managing the crisis he inherited.

During the campaign, a fellow journalist confided that “I know Obama is a Manchurian candidate, I just can’t figure out what for.”

I laughed then, but no more. Obama represents a secular religion that believes, no matter the malady, Washington is the antidote. More government is the chicken soup of his tribe.

I think some in the press knew, but others really did not (and still do not) understand who Obama was and is. Well, how could they, what with their never asking to see so much as a college transcript, a thesis. When Bush was running, they actually tracked down a dentist who filled one of his teeth…but for Obama, no questions, and how dare anyone ask for something as irrelevant as a look at his grades…or even his birth certificate. How dare anyone read anything into his past and present associations? You racists!

Roger L. Simon demands the press resign!. After all, they put Obama in office!

Yes, it’s pretty clear: Obama is a statist, a socialist, and all that.

Obama: Wants to control how much money people can make. In America. Yeah, he’s a socialist. I don’t think he likes America very much, to he honest.

Nor does he seem to like our allies…or the current president of France. Or, umm…whatever.

Jake Tapper:
mentions how active the citizen-politicos were this weekend.

A lesson in The American Government. Worth watching. Did you know the word “democracy” doesn’t exist in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence? “in every case democracies descended into mob-rule, then anarchy then tyranny…” Got mob rule?

Surber is right, when he says that is a site worth supporting. I don’t read the commenters too often (who has time) but what I love about the site is that its members all put up headlines, from all over the world, and so you can find lots of news you’re not seeing elsewhere. You’d be amazed at what the narrative-controlling US press does not cover, concerning our own country.

Those Tea Parties:
Any day now: “they’re hate-filled mobs! Nazis!” You know it’s coming, right, from the very people who organize “bus trips” to help identify “the rich people bad guys” while using ANSWER/ACORN-provided signs for their “grassroots” action? The classic projection and the misdirection will continue, for as long as it works. And historically, it does work.

VDH: Won’t make you happy today:

Let’s get this straight: Our president takes over $100,000 from AIG in campaign donations. Then he signs into legislation a bill crafted by his own party, with input from his own Treasury secretary, giving mega-bonuses to the execs of this bankrupt, federally bailed-out company — and then goes on the stump to trash the culture of Wall Street as typified by . . . AIG, of course.

That’s as sunny as he can manage.

Mandatory volunteerism: Everything you think it is

Palate Cleaner: A young, beautiful woman talking modesty

Harvard “AIDS expert” says The Pope is correct about condoms and AIDS. Andrew Klavan, who is not a Catholic agrees and has more.

The Rule: When it comes to Papal Coverage, particularly overseas, ignore the first reports and wait a few days, eventually they “clarify” what they meant to report on the Pope.

That excommunication in Brazil: a surprising read

Notre Dame: a little bi-polar?. Apparently they always invite the sitting president to speak at commencement. Obama accepted. The world trembles. I think it is a very interesting story in light of Archbishop Chaput’s word to Catholics about their complacency, and how that has contributed to where we are, today.

I do think the good archbishop – and he is a good one – should look seriously, however, at what 40 years of very poor catechesis has wrought and perhaps see where the bishops share some blame in that.

Speaking of Chaput: I’d love to see him debating Hitchens

I don’t think he’ll ever be president: That exorcism will follow him around forever. But Jindal.

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