"The Devil's Own" at Notre Dame

Now, now, I’m not calling President Obama the devil. Or, for that matter, “the devil’s own.” I’m just thinking of my Auntie Lillie, who would not be at all happy to hear that Obama will be speaking at the commencement for Notre Dame, where he will receive an honorary doctorate in law.

Auntie’s take on it, I’m quite sure, would be something like, “…and isn’t Old Scatch stampin’ his foot in glee to have his own one standin’ in the place named for Our Lady!”

Hey…my take on it: scripture says she strikes at the devil’s head. I ain’t worried. Mary is no one to be messed with, as many and many have found. Her son loves his mama, who said the ultimate “yes” and who – as a mere human doing the unthinkable and birthing her own God – is the premier lesson to humanity on being open to His Mysterious Ways.

That’s pretty much how I feel about the Notre Dame thing. I know many people are really upset about it, but I say “do not be afraid.” Yes, so Obama will be able to say, “as I said in my commencement speech at Notre Dame” and that will impress some – the world is easy to impress. The Holy Spirit moves in Mysterious Ways. Confounds us all, most of the time, by using the most surprising circumstances to turn a heart or bring about His will.

In that vein, though, I did get an email from a reader saying she did not know what to think about this video and this one, wherein the words “Yes, we can” are reversed and heard as “Thank you, satan.”


I told my Elder Son about it, and asked if we should be worried about Bob the Builder. “I never did like that Bob the Builder,” he smiled.

Yes…not the devil, but certainly his Imp!

After listening to the videos ES said, “It’s short a syllable. I don’t hear ‘Thank you, satan.’” I hear, ‘THINK HUSSEIN.”

Either way, it’s an interesting bit of weirdness in an era of weird. And yes, theater in an era of cheap political theater.

What do you hear?

Of course, when you record “Thank you, satan” and play it back, it does sound like “Yes we can.”

Who THINKS of this stuff?

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  • http://sthubertsrosary.com/default.aspx ShanaSFO

    “Either way, it’s an interesting bit of weirdness in an era of weird. What do you hear? … Who THINKS of this stuff?”

    I hear, “Get a life!” But I think I’m dyslexic or something.

    I thought we were all done with this back-masking stuff in the 1980′s. Sigh.

    Really, though, you don’t need to hear the message backward to see very clearly what the real message is going forward!

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com/ Bender B. Rodriguez

    Obama at Notre Dame is, of course, not a good thing, but the worst part is their plan to change Touchdown Jesus to Touchdown Barack.

    Well, they can have him. We have something spectacularly better headed our way — ABBA is coming to Wolf Trap!

  • lsheldon

    I hear the Bishop has enough integrity even if the University does not.

    Football running the whole place now?

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  • nan barber

    I don’t believe anything I see on YouTube. I think “interesting bit of weirdness” is apt, but almost gives these videos more credit than they deserve.

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  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com/ Bender B. Rodriguez

    Update –

    OK, so I learned that it is not the real ABBA after all (even though that’s what the Wolf Trap schedule would lead you to believe); it is only an evening of ABBA songs. And for some cover band they want you to dole out big bucks? No thanks. Maybe for the one-time world’s most popular group, but not for this. I do see that they have a twin-billing of Pat Benatar and Blondie, so that looks enticing (did you know that Debbie Harry is 63? SIXTY THREE! She may still be able to belt it out though. I saw Cab Calloway at a cozy nightclub when he was over 80 and he still had it).

    As for ND and President Herod, my hope is that Mary Ann Glendon steps up to the moment and sets him straight on a few things. It is still possible for some good to come out of this evil; it is still possible for this to be a trap that shuts down hard on him and makes clear that the battle will be joined if he means to have a war over FOCA and embryo-killing stem cells, etc.

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  • joeh

    Why is the abortion issue not one of civil rights? Let’s compare it to another civil rights struggle that should be near to Obama and ND heart, that of denying civil rights to the Negro. That battle started with the founding documents and heated up to war by 1860 and continued at full force through 1965 civil rights act. Many believe it continues today, but no one can doubt that the Negro of 1965 was in far better shape that the Negro of 1800. There is no dispute on racism evil. There may be some dispute on moving forward on some issues such as quota’s or the benefit of government programs such as welfare and their impact on the African American race today. One can easily make a point that the welfare state that President Clinton signed to end had created a lot of trouble for the unit of the African American family as so well documented by Senator Pat Moynihan, a Democrat. Why was it viewed by the Founders and many who followed that it was OK to enslave and deny the rights of the Negro? They viewed them as not fully human or equal. The Constitution’s three-fifths clause set the tone that they were less. The Supreme Court decisions over time upheld that the Negro was not equal. It was the law of the land.
    Jump forward to 1965 and the Democratic Party, the same one that fought any attempt to give the Negro equal rights has lost the battle and LBJ signs the civil rights act with a large majority of the vote Republican that had to beat back Democratic filibuster. What created the movement to end the ill treatment of the Negro as not being equal? ND students and priests were part of the team as were young and old, various faiths, women and men, white and black. The fought through fire hoses, clubs, threats and actual beatings, lynching’s, and shootings. They were willing to give up their lives to help end the travesty of justice that the Negro was not fully human, not some three fifths human being. They sang, sat in places they were legally not allowed and refused to get up, and marched. They were not stopped. They continued even after the civil rights act was signed. We would not tolerate anyone to speak that was a racist even if he or she was President. That is a fact.
    The same political party that lost in 1965 found a new cause in 1973 with Roe. Now the same argument was used. The baby in the womb (no embryo discussion yet) was not quite human and thus did not have any civil rights based on location. Only a fool would deny that the baby in the womb would not come out equal and fully human even if Black by this point. But because of location, even with a beating heart and the exact same DNA in embryo form that the human would have at death that was unique to that person, it did not have any rights at all. In other words, the Democratic Party now supported and continues to support that it did not have rights because of location, but that it could be murdered in any form that was chosen. It did not matter if it had to be killed by ripping its arms and legs off and crushing its skull. Yes, the slavery party, the KKK party, the Party that supported lynching and terror, had refined its new victim to such status that there was no boundary of any type. Was it less than three fifths human? Does any scientist question that the embryo has the full DNA and the exact Same DNA that it will have all the way through its life? Does any scientist argue that it will come out of the womb anything other than a human? But the good ol Democrat Party living up to its past argues that it is not human. This is a civil rights battle all over again with the same argument and against the same political party as the last one.
    ND has now said that the President of this same political party is now to be brought to the campus for honors. But he is not only the leader of that party whose platform declares boldly that the babies must die, but he is clearly the staunchest supporter, the cheerleader in chief of denying the civil rights of this new victim long ago reserved for his own race. It is a battle not for equal rights, riding any seat in the bus or at any counter in the store or going to any school. No, this battle is for the right to exist. What if the old battle was to stop every Negro from being lynched that was in the wrong place, the wrong location with the murder itself the law? That is what the crime is of this victim. Location. In the age of GPS, we are dealing with location within the margin of error of the GPS reading. Two feet over one way and the baby in the womb is human with all the rights of everyone else. But you say, he is not able to live on his own? Now we are talking about the right of the handicapped or the patient in the hospital in need of life support. Does the baby not have the right to life support? Yes but he is using someone else’s body. So what. If I am a parent of an infant in a new location a few hours, do they not depend on me to have food and water? Can I sit by and watch them die and not be arrested? They are thus using my body and my freedom is limited by the law to care for them. I cannot rip their arms and legs off and crush their skull. So we are back to location. What made so many angry about partial birth was the location. Here the cheerleader in chief even fought against stopping this slaughter by scissors. But he went further. He had no issue with the baby that survived and was free of any touch of the mother being starved to death and given no care.
    ND honoring this man goes against everyone that ever cared about civil rights in the history of the country and the University. The students and faculty should stop this from occurring on their campus the same way the students and faculty of the 60’s would have stopped a racist who had the same timber this president has toward abortion. Every means should be used including sit ins, songs, marches, and all other well proven civil rights actions of the past. This is your house ND and the visiting team is coming in to trash Our Lady’s home.

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